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Greetings to All:

I am a new Rune owner. I live in Cincinnati and just returned last weekend from a trip to Iowa to pick up my new beast, errr, bike. WOW! This thing is unbelieveable! VIN #0092. Illusion Purple, errr Blue, Rear Bars and Spec 47 wheels.

My question to the crew: Has anyone seen, used, currently using the Cycle Dolly product from Merrick Mfg? JC Whitney, among others sells them. I currently own 3 other bikes and packing all 4 with 3 cars in a 3 car garage presents some storage issues. Given the size & weight of our machines, a some sort of dolly may make sense as we attempt to maneuver around them around.

This is a great site. As I bang around, I am learning from all of you.

Ride Safe:

Duane Linenkugel
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