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Dan's smooth side covers, painted or chrome

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Now available, Dan's smooth side covers.
These are made out of 16 gauge metal , laser cut for a nice outline finish,
they are then sent to a profesionnal painter for your choice of colour , Iblue/black/cherry red. The paint used is from Color rite which is a perfect match to the colour of your bike. if you want a different colour I'll need the paint code of the colour you want me to use if not you'll have to send me 1/2 a pint of your paint base colour. Also we can have the covers chrome at no extra cost.
The cost on Dan's smooth side covers is $225.00 plus shipping includes all hardware.

If you already have a set of my covers and would like to change over from painted to chrome or the other way around just buy the covers alone without the brackets for the cost of $145.00 plus shipping ,chrome or painted.
If you are a do it yourself type of guy you can buy the bare kit for $195.00 plus shipping (bare kit includes all the hardware)
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Hey Danny, your price is on the expensive side, but reasonable; the best always costs more, and your extra bracketry, idea, and execution definitely warrant the difference. I'm sold on your covers; just need the bike :lol:

However, I'd still want to see 2 big pics of each side of the bike; one with the bracket only, and other with the chrome cover. Chrome is the best way to judge fit, finish, and quality; not very forgiving. You could post a 3rd pic of each side in color, like the blue miniature pic you have, so folks can make up their mind. Chrome is the way to go IMHO (looks 'integrated' with the surrounding parts), and you're the only one offering it.

Finally, if you're unable to post that many pics here, why don't you add a link to your personal website or a photo album? Just a suggestion. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Take care, and have a great weekend.
If you take a look at my pic gallery you'll see a set of Danny's covers
on my bike with custom paint. The fit of these covers is right on the mark!
These covers add alot to the look of the bike, and my favorite thing about them is NO external hardware, that smooth clean look!
My recommendation level for these covers is off the scale!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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