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Dead battery--this time with new battery!

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Hmmm......another 2 week lag between rides....that in itself is bad news.

I have been parking my bike inside a garage with the key in the ignition....I just read from an automobile post that this could drain the battery....anyone know for sure? I have not seen this addressed in the tech manual.
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I leave my key in the ignition all the time (while in my garage), and never once had a dead battery.

Rune dead battery

This is the second battery; first did the same thing. headlite on, 12.6v at the battery, no capacity. Charging now. I removed the key...if this doesn't solve the issue, it's off to the dealer. Charging system seemed OK, though.
Battery Dead-issue solved

Just leave the key out of the ignition. Apparently, leaving the key in draws just enough to kill the battery. I travel so much that it had happened 3 times-but this time, with 2 1/2 weeks between, no problem. Battery nice and fresh!
Battery Tender

My battery has gone dead after sitting for a few weeks so I just hook up a battery tender when ever its parked in the garage and it starts every time. For $30-40 you solve your problem and reduce your headache.

You must have a battery that needs to be replaced or an electrical short that is drawing power after shutdown. I have had, since 1997, two Gold Wings and a Rune without ever encountering any battery problems and without any type of external charging system ever connected. My '01 Wing cranked just fine last weekend having not been started for about 5 weeks.

Since you are on your second battery, I suggest that you have a dealer check the electrical system for abnormalities.

A simple check........... Take the hot lead off the batt. With the key out of the bike..... touch the lead to the batt. terimal...... if there is a spark..... something is drawing power while the key is off.....
Possible short.
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