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Dealership Banned Me & Honda,Ca. OK With This

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My local dealership (closest by 100 miles) banned me & refused to service my Rune. Seems they didn't like it when I found out they forgot to put parts on after a tire change, which another dealership discovered missing. Also their top service manager made/replaced the missing parts from his grinder. The same service manager OK'd repair work done with duct tape that fell off during the next to last repair.

Honda,Ca. is aware & not doing anything, stating dealership is independant. "They may refuse service to anyone, if you make them mad." DON'T PISS-OFF your dealer. I'm selling my Rune because of this.

Dealer involved: Interstate Cycles 1-800-758-BIKE Lake City, Fla. Also Tifton Cycles, Ga. & Honda of jacksonville, Fla.
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Dude that sucks, but are you sure it's worth parting with the most unique production bike ever made? Call the Rune line and see if you can talk with a factory rep or some manager about this.
I have a good dealership that treats me and the Rune good, I guess I should feel lucky.
Brutal customer service

OOOOOweeeeee, that hurts. Man, no excuse for that kind of junk.
1 week later .... no reply.

The correct number for Columbia Cycles DBA Interstate Cycles is 1-877-758-BIKE. The State of Florida pointed this out to me.

Also same owners of Tifton Honda in Titfton,Ga. & Jacksonville Honda in Jacksonville, Fla.
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