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...about some new Rune owners site? Something about listing some of the owners of Runes....with maybe a picture or some other info about some of the owners? Wants you to answer a few questions....perhaps submit a photo of your Rune...etc.

Did anyone else get this?

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Yep here it is

Dear Rune Owner,

Honda Motorcycles has built a Web site specifically featuring the Rune in all its glory. Everything about the Rune is talked about - from the earliest sketches of concept bikes to video interviews of the actual Rune designers. What's missing? That's where you come in.

There will be a section of the Web site entitled "Owners." That would be you - along with a select group of other men and women throughout the US. In the Owners section, we want to feature a handful of people from across America, writing about their Rune experiences. All you have to do is take a few minutes to answer the questions below. You can answer as many or as few as you would like. We just want to hear about you and your Rune.

In addition to answering the questions below, we also request that you send in one photograph of you and your Rune (submission details below). The photograph can be in front of a landmark unique to your neck of the woods - or in front of your garage.
Remember, we're trying to find a good cross-section of people throughout America - and if you can show that in your picture, more power to you.

So go ahead, check out the Rune Web site at for inspiration - and to see what you can be a part of. The sooner you send in your information, the better possibility there is that YOU will be featured in the Owners section.

Thanks in advance for your stories - and good riding.


Honda Motorcycles


Step 1: Take or find your favorite photo.

Step 2: Save or Scan your photo and save it as a JPEG file.

Min. height: 171 pixels
Min. width: 313 pixels

Min. Resolution: 72 dpi
Maximum file size: 2 MB

Step 3: E-mail your photo to:
[email protected]

Include: Your name, address and answers to the questions below.


How did you first hear about the Rune?

What was the biggest draw for you (i.e., what attracted you
most) when deciding to buy the Rune?

What was that first ride home like?

Tell us your favorite Rune experience (could be riding, posing, etc.).

We all know the Rune is a stunning looker. How do you feel about its performance?

Now that you're a bona fide owner, what's your favorite thing (quality, attribute, etc.) about your Rune?


Submission Policy Disclaimer:
Honda will not consider using submitted photos if above format requirements are not met. Copy and photos will be reviewed and posted at Honda's discretion. Please be advised that all submissions may not be used. Do not post on this site, or transmit to this site, any obscene, profane, libelous, threatening, or unlawful material which could constitute or encourage unacceptable conduct. American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
and all parties involved in creating, producing or delivering this site assume no responsibility or liability which may arise from the content thereof, including but not limited to claims for misrepresentation.

The submission of any image grants Honda the permission to unlimited use on Submitted images will not be returned and will become the sole property of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Please do not send copyrighted photos. All the provisions contained in Honda's privacy policy:
and legal terms and conditions:
apply to any and all material submitted to American Honda Motor Co., Inc.


(c)2004 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. All information contained herein applies to U.S. Vehicles only.

To unsubscribe from future e-mails from Honda Motorcycle Division, please visit:

American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Post Office Box 2206 - 700 Van Ness Ave., Torrance, California 90501

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Ya'll come on down.


You do not want to visit South Carolina; those people don’t have indoor plumbing.

Come to South Florida and take a ride on the overseas highway to the Florida Keys. In Key West you can see the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean and the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico without having to moving your chair. We don’t have indoor plumbing either, but with all that water it doesn’t really matter!

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We have indoor plumbing, hot tubs and paved roads up here in New Jersey. You can even see the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, if the smog is not to thick. Looks like you'll have local tour guides all along the East Coast. I have an extra bed and best of all, room in the garage for your Rune. Oh ya we also have grocery stores up here so you won't have to eat that southern road kill.
YO, Tom those caps and license plate bolts look great on my Rune, Thanks
Rune #25

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to all bross

Hi bross.

j had the pleasure to meet Steve this year . j will post and ask for news according next trips to Usa.
planning should be.

Oh Nj and south states direction Florida. a chance to came spring 2005 with other italian riders or surely may 2006 with my wife

trip to nevada utath oregon wyoming surely end may 2005. j am starting to work on this trip.
To all friends

if you are planning a trip to Italy or to europe. if you want to rent a bike.

do not esitate to ask to me for any reference. later j will post mouvies and trips in my area.

ciao and thank for the nice frienship

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