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Corbin Gunfighter

And who ever else designs 2 up seats-got your ears on Ultimate,(This is The real deal 2 up doggy style) Honda can't bitch (pardon the pun) with warranty issues if the other type; 2 ups blow out some rear end stuff or splines and that little shock we adjust,for the weight restrictions mapped out in our manuals and brochure. Now the cop issue with the pair sharing a joint is out of my hands. Now obviously he's way over dressed compared to the slayr at the pumps in shorts. The one thing I can relate to is the band aid trick for knowing your in a Place where there's a Helmet law. And the boots match the dog-maybe he's a tanner! Is that an original Rune color? 005 can you read the Vin? Just trying to stay on top of things. dog
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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