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...what was the outcome of your problem with your bike at the Hoot? Did it work out ok?
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Thanks for asking. We ended up leaving the bike at a local store and going to get our truck an trailer as HRCA wanted to tow us to another town about 1 hour from Knoxville. Yes, it was 15 miles closer but it was late in the afternoon and we did not think they would be open when we got there. After a total of 215 miles, I had the bike in the trailer and safely at the hotel for the night.

The Knoxville Honda guys were ready for me in the morning. They replaced the plugs (uner warranty) and the bike was fine. I did notice another bit of black smoke the next time I went to ride to work. It cleared out and have done about 200 miles since with no problem.

I still am not very happy that a bike like this would have this issue. The plugs were fouled horribly. No issues with the throttle body or anything else as I has read about here. I actually came to the website and printed the postings from other Rune riders to "help" the guys out at the shop. Fortunately did not need it and was back on the road.

Thanks for asking!
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Did the mechanics say WHY the plugs had got so fouled? What had caused the exetremely rich condition? :?
No answer really given. They think it may be oil from the cylinder heads that seeps from the valves. I hear this happens on Gold Wings sometimes as well. He didn't have a definitive answer.
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