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for my Cheaha rally...there are now 17 parties (of one or two folks) that are now on a waiting list for a room at Ground Zero. I have now obtained a backup is some 20 miles down the mountain from Ground Zero for that rally. so that will be an say the least...for folks both Friday and Saturday night. Nothing like hanging out and trying to decide whether to drink all the free booze we're providing...then have to worry about driving down a twisty mountain 20 miles in the dark...and maybe fog. Even if you don't drink, it will be a bit 'hairy'.

All because they didn't make their reservation early on....despite me saying over and over "GET YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW. You can always cancel, but when the rooms are gone...they're gone". If i had a dollar for every time i have 'preached' that...i'd be rich. point is...for the Rune Rally....for the 99th time i'll say it....GET YOUR RESERVATION ***NOW***. You can always cancel, but when the rooms are gone...they're gone. And our Rally is during Labor Day don't think you can wait until later and still luck out.

But if you do wait ...and can't get a room...can't say you haven't been THOROUGHLY warned :wink:
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