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Driving lights/fog lamps

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I see where a board member paid $1000 to mount driving lights to the bottom half of his Rune. :idea: J&P Cycles on p.285 list Honda GL1800 front lower cowl to work w/lower fog lights at $98.99.
:?: How hard is it for a manufacture to make a similar lower cowl for the Rune :?:
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Howdy Batman!
It was I with more money than wives, er, sense. The reason they are so expensive is they are Hella HID lamps. You can find just the lamps with the ballast power supplies for $700. The extra $300 was because I ordered them as an OEM complete kit to go on a BMW motorcycle, including cable harness and brackets ets, all of which I tossed.

I drilled and tapped the engine guards. Note: they are hollow, there is an inner core. Pain in the ass to drill, broke 3 cobalt bits, but was able to tap threads no problemo. Custom chrome brackets I snagged at a custom shop.

It would be nice to have some sort of "cowling" around the "catchers mit" wire frame (that just reeks of BMW styling).

Regular 55w halogen bulbs just wont hold a candle :p to the 3,500 each lumens output of these photon blasters. They light up the interstate signs during the day in broad daylight they are so bright. Note: be prepared to be noticed by the fuzz as well... so watch your speed! SC's finest was impressed with my Rune and lights, but not the 70 mph in a 55.
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HEadlamp Projection

I sometimes repeat something believing I just thought it up when in reality I heard or read it somewhere if I am echoing someone's past comments ..sorry.. But have you noticed and perhaps it is just my headlight alignment...but the Valkyrie Rune on our key it the same as the light pattern out in front and off to the sides while riding at night... The bright spot on the ground out to about 30' in front and then the feathered light pattern to the sides and forward.. Now do you suppose those designers were that adept at planning things.... Yep I do believe..
Rune Head Lamp Projection

I had noted the pattern you mentioned. Have you seen the other pattern that projects way in front? I have not seen this mentioned anywhere else - while riding recently in a very dark area (no houses or street lights etc) I noted that while on high beam, the pattern on the road directly ahead for a good number of feet, is that of a tapering arrow shaft, ending in an ancient arrowhead (curved barbs at the trailing edges) pattern. It is perfectly in line with the foremost point of the headlight housing (means its all alighned, as it should be). This arrow pattern is quite distinctive and defined (no imagination needed) and I doubt its accidental.
This combined with the Rune key logo light splash is really remarkable.
So when you ride the Riune you seem to be flying along as straight and as fast as a fired arrow.
I should say also that the Rune rides and manoevres very well, I have noted the touchy throttle and lash issue and have learned that to take the Rune on a day trip of 500 kilometers, on very poor roads, is not the smartest thing in the world to do (unless you like punishing yourself). I was sore and dead tired at the end. The Rune has a stiff suspension for sure. But give me smooth pavement with some nice curves and I could go all day every day.
My Valkyrie Interstate smooths the road out much better - and I get to have my wife along with me.
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runing lights

hold on gang my partner is taking fotos as i type of what we came up with for running lights on our runes it rocks and the footprint it puts out in front of the bike is awsome.... and its under or just 100 bucks.........bigbike parts two small halogen 20 watts lights yellow lens come with clear and red ............ 44.95 two stainles steel brackets from west matine my were 12 bucks a piece and daves were 26.99 a pair we bought two pair for his cause they were longer and we wanted the strenth so they wouldnt vibrate.......... piaa switchand relay 12 bucks ,wireing a breeze ............ wish you all were here i would do it for you all cause i love this stuff........... we will take a few night fotos as well tonight........ my cell again is 786 525 8864 miami i would happily tell you in person what we did
mike in miami............fotos soon when i learn to post them
I will need to ride down to Florida (again) and we can compare to see who emits the most photons. My 35 watt HID lights put out the same light as 150 watt Halogen bulbs, so I got 300 watts and you have 40w nyah nyah! :wink:
front lamps

ken you will burn my retna's out these arnt for projecting light more for appearance so as not to be unoticed by auto's .....i know your halogen lights scream....... i had HID in my 1800c sweet and i think i will get one of those mentioned before and try it in the rune i think i can upgrade the wire and lengthen it to place the little boxes behind the rad cowling
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