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Driving Lights for my Rune

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I ordered a complete set of front turn signal lights with the mounting brackkets and hardware from Honda. $380

Now I am looking for the brightest LED array to put in them (probably about $50 each).

Honda in North Charleston estimates 3 hours labor to disassemble the top of the forks in order to be able to slide the brackets on so the lights are exactly factory. That will be about $225 plus the technical risk of getting the stuff back together :? The installation will be next week.

Soooo, for front driving lights my little project will cost about $ 700. I wonder? Is this really worth it? But, I have said there will be absolutely NO CHEESE on my Rune. So forget the $100 clamp on lights.

What do you guys think? Am I wierd, or simply Runed? Ken (7,600mi)
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Ruined for Life

Your not weird, at least I don't think you are weird, just having a good time.

Will love to see the new lights. Are you going to have the brackets chromed while you have the bike apart?
driving lights

No on the chrome. Just today I also ordered the Z5140 Xenon HID lighting kit for the BMW. It is a true HID system. You can see it at:

Since my Rune is Black, the assembly will match. I won't mount the lights the way it showson the BMW R1150GS. I may put them down low and the shock mounts for the lights may go in the spare parts bin as well. The main thing is that my buddies say the Rune is not very visible head on. And we have tons of deermeat on the sides of the roads on the way to my house that I want to light up.
KenC (7,650mi)

My stock Rune was not as visible from the front as I would have liked for it to be. I changed out the two 55 watt bulbs with two 80 watt bulbs keeping the stock fusing so as to protect the system wiring. I now have over 6000 miles on this arrangement without noting any problems with the wiring or blowing the fusing. The added heat in the light fixture does not seem to be a problem either. The added amount of light makes for a safer experience for daylight driving and is an added benefit at night.
Fuse block

That is great news! What is the part number of the 80w bulbs you used? Also, now that you have a lot of hours running the lights, have you pulled the fuse and looked at the recptacle for disocoloration? I plan to tag the second set of front turn signal assemblies to the headlight circuit. As for the BMW HID lights.. I will go directly to the fuseblock and install a second fuse. However, those lights are only 35watts each. I am quite concerned about deer here. My trips back to home are about 35miles of prime deer country.. plenty of deer crossing signs. ken
I have Motolights on my Shadow and Standard Valkyrie. They are awesome. I am taking the Rune to the Hoot to see if they can be mounted. I have received many comments on how visible these lights make day and night. I'll let you know if they can be fitted and post a phot at some point.
The Hoot

DonnaM, I'll be at the Hoot on my VTX. If you're on a Rune I most likely spot you, if I know what to look for. Color, any distinguishing marks :oops: (on the bike that is), special license plate?
Re: Fuse block

KenCrawleySC said:
.... What is the part number of the 80w bulbs you used? Also, now that you have a lot of hours running the lights, have you pulled the fuse and looked at the receptacle for discoloration? .....
I purchased the bulbs from a web site in the UK. They were advertised for off-road use only. I don't remember any of the other details as this took place last Sept. And no I have not checked the fuse terminals. Nor have I reopened the light housing to check the bulb receptacles.

I replaced them one at a time, the second was added after several weeks of riding with only one 80 and one 55 watt bulb. The bulbs are H7 type.

I also added a pair of PIAA 55 watt driving lights to my Wing for daylight visibility enhancement. They are wired directly from the battery completely independent from the bike's system.

Hope this helps.
PIAA bulbs

Thanks RuneMan!
I went to the PIAA website and ordered a pair of H7 lights this morning that give the equivalent of 135watts. The cost, plus shipping is about $78 ! :!:

Yes, pull the fuse and look closely at the fuse housing. If it is even slightly overheating, or close to the rating of the fuse, you will see a discoloration in the plastic. The main thing is to then estimate how many more miles you can get before it burns up. The relationship is not linear however. The burning up process will accellerate over time -- but isnt that true of all things in life anyway?
Running Lights Status

16June: Champion Honda in North Charleston did a great, careful job of pulling the top of the fork off to slide a second set of the turn signal lights. It took them 3 hours. I was there the whole time watching and "hepping" I will take digi photos today, unless the thunderstorms open up. The appearance is that the new lights are "raked" behind the original ones. Everyone at the shop and my buddies think it looks cool as hell.

HID (high intensity discharge lights): Also, the HID light kit arrived :p Of course it is complete with a bracket and harness for putting on a BMW. We fired up the lights with a battery and the lead tech and I were blinded for about 5 minutes. We were seeing dark spots. Those lights are just as bright as an electric arc welder arc!!!!!!!!!!!! I will have to drill and tap the engine guards to mount the chrome bracket that is actually a custom foot peg bracket from the bigdog shop next to the Honda shop; and put the ballast boxes (the 25,000 volt supply) inside the Vee of the two engine guards. There is no room to put them anywhere else. The empty spot behind the radiator that normally holds the California cannister is too hot for electronics in my elecEngineer opinion. So I will let them get thwacked by bugs and water spray instead.
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Here is a link to describe the Hella Micro DE Xenon Light (HID)[/img*] ... _xenon_kit
[/img] and this link: ... _xenon.jsp
and the Hella link with info about the DE version of HID: ... versal.jsp

and discussion in other links about converting our H7 headlamp bulb to HID (high intensity discharge) technology: ... ategory=10

note: there is a newer ballast! 2.25x2.25x1 inch... this should fit in our Rune headlamp assys!
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Where did you find the small ballast? Please post a link.
Click the HIDExpress link just above your question. They upgraded the ballast for the motorcycle light kits. ken (12,100 miles)
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