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duel seating for honda rune

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Is anyone able to tell me if another company besides corbin is making a duel rider seat for a honda rune ?

foot pegs for passenger aftermarket?

Best type of clear Windshield?
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"the answer grasshopper is"...

here: :wink:

Welcome to the board, I notice it is your first post.
Most picked the Windvest 16 x 16 shield. Offers decent protection while looking good. Corbin is the only duel seat mfg. so far.
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
I have passenger peg mounts that the folks at
noblesvill Honda made. They will accept any pegs. They don't detract from the looks of the bike. I did consider the Ricvo passenger mounts and floorboards, but i just didn't like the idea of drilling the sidecovers, but other said it was no big deal, and they like the looks.

I also have the corbin 2 up seat. Only one i know of.

Don't get started with the windshield. there are many and various preferences among the people here. I have the windvest, but others have the Switchblade system and the Memphis shades windshields. I can't say which is better, just they each are a little different, so it depends on what your preferences are.

These mfg's and message threads are available among the various posts on this board.
questions rune

Thanks for the insight very helpful

Delray Beach,Fl
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