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Easy to know how many Runes have been produced...

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What's the HIGHEST VIN number out there? Yep, it started with 000001.
The tougher question is how many stayed in the US, if any were meant to be exported by Honda. I also think they all were produced early last year, since the 'newest' I've seen had a manufacturing date of 6/03, and it's on Ebay right now. Surprisingly, it's only #523, which is well short of the 1,500 Honda anticipated to build. It's hard to tell until when they were produced since it wasn't a 'normal' production schedule, and sales were, hmmmm, not what Honda expected, but we can know how many by the VINs.

Post your VIN only if it's HIGHER than previously posted, to keep replies short. Date of manufacture would be nice too. My guess is less than 1,000, which is good news for current owners as long as Honda doesn't come up with a stripped Rune to increase that number, or a similarly bad drastic decrease in price. We'll know soon enough. Good day gentlemen.
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I believe on the old board a list was started. I know there were california and non-california models produced. There are other members much more knowledgeable about the vin and the numbers. I really don't care about the numbers all I know is that I have one!
SHAME on you guys! This subject is WELL documented. Just go to the VIN board. Everything you want to know about VIN numbers on Runes...but were afraid to there, thanks to Dave. Dave (MARUNE) is keeper of all the VIN numbers.

Numbers over 1000? OF COURSE. i'm number 1062. Oh, yea, you'll see where there are MULITPLE bikes with the same number too. Dave can explain that more. We've got members with numbers as high as 1485! And there are three number 0001....and three number 0018....and MANY duplicate numbers with two bikes with same number sequence. But they have other parts of the VIN that differ.

Again, go to the VIN board and catch ALL the scoop. You guys are checking those other boards with all that great info...right? Like guys having trouble posting pics should be going to the "Support and Testing" board. Guys wanting to find out EVERYTHING about VIN numbers should be going to the VIN board (Duh!!!). Etc....
VIN list shows several built 12/03. Haven't seen any 04 builds. VIN list breaks down ALL info...type bought....state/country....owner...type wheels....color...etc.
Didn't know it existed (only 14 posts, most by Marune :twisted:); thanks for the heads up Redvalk. Made a couple of suggestions to Marune. However, we CAN'T know how many were produced; I was WRONG in my assumption :oops:. I remember when VINs were less complicated. Only fact is they're less than 1,500 :D.
One is listed in El Paso, but says Ebay for sale (no longer listed). Wish I know who it was.

Have a great weekend folks.
i agree JC. Wish they would have just numbered them 0001-xxxx and been done with it. They have made it much more confusing this way. You should have seen the accusations flying last year when some folks on Ebay listed Runes for sale that had 'duplicate' numbers. It caused quite a bit of confusion. and learn.

Bottom line, Dave does an OUTSTANDING job trying to track these....and we've got some pretty good info down there on the VIN list board. but still, nobody really knows how many were made...or will be made...or whether there will be another year...or....etc.......
Im much more curious as to what if any changes will come out for 05? Color options perhaps? Also I see where the spy network claims interviews with Honda indicate major change for Valk in 06.

Thanks again for the kind words ..... the lastest build date I have is 02/04 --- a code "J" bike 0764 sent in by IBRune... if you remember Honda in late winter Jan / Feb told the dealers that they had some avail. to produce bikes and to place orders if they wanted any.... I don't think many were made in that run .... used up the remaining parts / pieces ?????


I corrected the Serial Number breakdown post, and made up a new post that shows how the full serial number breaksdown as well as the model number....


What 05's .... as yet they are "RUNEMORS" .......
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Wheel Swap

When i first went in to my Honda dealer to get a Rune, they had a nice balck one with chrome wheels. I told them to get me a BC red one. One month later when i came back to the dealer to pick it up, i noticed the black rune had painted wheels. I swore i remembered it with chrome wheels.
After checking the breakdown of my red RUNE's VIN number, i find that it shows my bike came with spec 47 wheels, not the chrome ones it had on it when i picked it up. Just like i thought, the dealer swapped wheels from the black rune on the showroom with my rune. Ultimately, i don't care, i got what i wanted. I thought it was interesring thought.

I am enjoying the posts. While I am Runamating on what is written I get myself ready to drive around South Carolina today.
Hi Did anybody watch two wheel Tuesday last Tuesday?
They showed some footage from the cycle world best bike of 04 awards were the Rune was voted best cruiser.
After that they had Lee Edmonds (Manager motorcycle press) talking about the Rune how it came to reality and some of its features.
Lee Stated there will be a 05 limited run probably fewer than 04 with a price increase due to the extra time and cost to produce the Rune.
He stated dealers ordered three times the amount of runes they predicted would be in 04 (maybe why there seems to be so many still in dealers?)
I'm not worried of a 05 run I think it will ultimately be in our best interest.
If any issues arise I think the longer production run will give Honda more insight for such a limited motorcycle and how to caret issues that will arise and they will like any machine.

Todd (was Runewannabe now Madroober)
Marune---- rumors

Rumor from the motorcycle spy pages. (Id try to find the web page but Im in Hong Kong and having trouble staying connected.) Anyway rumor is the only possible change is colors available. Rumor also was that dramatic changes for 06 and when asked of honda if it would be from other concept valks there was a no comment given. Again this is from motorcycle spy pages so who knows.

In any event its my intention to buy an 04. The supply is far from short. Ive had three Ca dealers tell me to simply tell them the color I want. So far best offer I have had is 24,400.00 all taxes, fees etc included--- OTD price.
ahhh...yessss.....the rumors again 8) I might as well get in on this :lol:

Rumor has it.....they'll be making an 05 Rune with a V8 engine.....and gold plated wheels....and......

Hey, since we're doing the rumor thing....a guy can wish can't he?

I'll say it again....i'm going on the record...right here...right now ....NO 05. If i'm wrong, i'll be the first to eat crow here. But when i'm right, i'll also be the first to tell you i told you so.

But of course, NONE OF us...including me, know JACK about this. No spy Motorcycle editors...none of us. Those that were in this FROM DAY ONE last time (like spring of 02)....waiting for the new bike (that turned out to be the Rune)...remember OH SO WELL...all the rumors. HUNDREDS of them.....they went on and on and on. "My dealer says....." "This motorcycle mag says...." "My Honda rep says...." "My fairy Godmother says...."

Been there, done that. NO ONE KNOWS. PERIOD. But i'm betting on no 05. Remember this you can make me eat crow...or......say i told you so :twisted:
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Hi Redvalk I agree I have seen how Honda works and nobody will know for sure tell September when "Honda" says.
We will all know then and only then.
Ride safe!
Amen Todd! you hit the nail on the head! We'll all know in September....and NOT ONE DAY BEFORE. And when i say ALL ...I mean ALL...including your and my dealer, the motorcycle mags....the man on the moon....ALL of us will know nothing until mid September....
I own #971 bought in Leesburg, FL March 2004

How Many Runes

I stopped by a Honda dealership a few weeks ago and got engaged in discussion by a young sales guy who seemed to know just about everything there is to know about just about everything...including MY bike....that little SOB... how dare he??? :chatter: He mentioned that Honda has 4000 Runes in a warehouse in Chicago and another 3000 in the field between the dealers showrooms and those of us who own them.... 9000 total???? hmmm . He was telling me stuff that didn't jive with my knowledge (altho limited) or my experience.... Once he started talking I didn't get a word in and left the dealer wondering where he got all this knowledge. So does anyone actually know how many 2004 Runes were produced...I am aware (based on posts on this thread from Honda's 25 year party) that there are lots of parts at Marysville awaiting assembly but how many have actually been put together??? I would love to have the facts to go back and teach that young guy a lesson in shooting his mouth off about things he knows nothing about... Of course you know I didn't get in his face because I would hate to do that and then find out he was right....yuk yuk :shock: Accurate info appreciated.
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How many Runes

Geez..I use the same math he uses... 3000 plus 4000 = 9000 :oops:
Why would Honda say that they'd be available in '05 but only if you ordered one and why would my dealership which sold 8 '04s and is located 145 miles south of Chicago not have at least one on the floor during the past 6 months? He's AHO! His Ass is Hangin Out!
I wouldn't believe that if Mr. Honda himself told me, you'd have to take me to the warehouse and show me! I wish I would have been there Rich,
I would have had him for lunch ! :twisted:
Bottom line.....NOBODY knows the numbers. But i aint buying those kind of numbers. 1500....yea, i could believe that. Maybe more....sure, i could possibly see that. But 7000 (or 9000 with the 'new vodoo' math :oops: )...NO...I aint buyin' that.

Over and over ....the folks who seem to really know the most....say this: NONE of the Honda dealers know squat...until after the fact. YOU know more about Runes....numbers....whether an 05' will be made....etc., than your dealer knows. He finds out about it the day after you, the informed consumer, finds out. Even the Honda Reps at these shows don't know squat. Honda keeps them in the dark. And from what i hear, they hate that. They hate showing up at a, Mr and Mrs Consumer come up asking a question about THEIR product....and YOU know more than they do. Some admit it. Some lie and BS.

Obviously, this guy was one of the BS ones 8)
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