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ECM do we have one

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I have been reading the Gold Wing site about the "ECM" and their problems with it. To recalibrate you start it up cold, wait till the fan comes on and it is done. I did that on my new Wing but was wondering if we have one on our Runes.
My son and I are leaving Modesto next weekend and going to Canada, on over to Glacier National park and all points in-between. Son will be on the Rune and the Old Man on the wing. I am taking all the pages of the "Black smoke" in case it happens to us.
I've only put 700 miles on the Rune so it will give me a chance to get it over the possible problem stage.

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Hi Adrian The Rune has an ECM (Engine control module) That is what the main computer is called.
As far as recalibrating goes I wouldn't be worried Most ECM will establish a learned value for reference after running and riding a while.
I have been to Glacier park and its very nice Hope you and your Son have a fun and safe trip :)
Safe and fun trip.
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
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