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Electronic speed Governor or rev limiter.

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Has anyone figured out how to re-program the computer, if there is one in this machine? I had the Rune up to 132, 133mph, before either the governor or limiter started kicking in. The bike was smooth, and had much more power to offer. I would love to run this bike unrestricted.
Can anyone offer any advice?

Also does making the exhaust modification increase or decrease horsepower?

This machine gets better and better the more you ride it. Need more power though

Can anyone help?
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See the thread above on the powercommander. VegasShawn (bless his cotton socks) is trying to get one sorted for the Rune. A powercommander can be set up to alter the rev limiter. Powercommanders= more power. I get the impression the Rune engine is pretty strangled and it should therefore make a big difference to this bike.
as soon as the powercommander is available for the Rune I will sign up to get one. In the meanwhile, I suggest you get the K&N air filter modification posted on this forum by Danny (Vitki04). That will get you 10% more power. My top speed is also 132/133 on the speedo. It is my hope that since the fuel injection is strangled as part of the power mapping we will get a bit faster top end just because the engine will have more air available for the amount of fuel the injectors are supplying.
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