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Enclosed Trailer

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I'm looking for an enclosed trailer to haul my Rune and ? out of frozen :snow1: NJ down to :sun1: Fla. in February.
I like the looks of the Mag2 by Magneta. I'll be pulling it with a Dakota Pickup so I want an adjustable hitch to keep the trailer running level.
Any recommendations on brands or types would be appreciated or if you’re in the NJ area and selling one let me know.
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Thanks for the web site.
I found a few pictures of my toys there.

I have a super 20 foot closed trailer but I'm sure it is to big for what you want.


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where in fla

Hey skibum where in fla are you going.
I'll be in Fort Myers Feb 15-19 (Daughter gets married on 19th)

Miami on 20th - (Cruse ship 20-27)

Fort Myers Feb 27- March 3rd (riding around Fla.)
I hope to meet up with some of you Fla. RUNEies as I ride around

Daytona (Bike week) March 4th- 13th

Then ? Depends if I have to come back to NJ for work.
RuneRyder99 [Gene] just bought a 7' x 16' enclosed HaulMark Lowrider
the "Edge" He also has installed Condor wheel chocks for his Rune-Wing
and VTX 1800N. If you are interested I will give you his number, he
spent months researching trailers before making his choice. He had it made at the plant in McAdoo Pa. Later

Rick K (RuneSki)
Thanks Rich, I have his # from a previous post. I'll give him a call
Thanks again
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