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exhaust dirty

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the driving right exaust at the end where it is painted in black is much more dirty than the left side.
do you have the same result??
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Ciao Hannibal. Io ho lo stesso problemo. Ma, credo e il vento -- la differenza fra destra e sinestra; anche, non e una problema colla machina.
Pulire regolare pulire.
(I hope I didnt butcher your Italian too badly!)
Hi Ken

Hi Ken. my compliments for your italian 99% correct
very interesting the wind connection j was not supposing that.
ok j clean more often but not happened before.
j had a very bad gasoline filling on the highway.

now j am afraid that your italian is better than my english. haihaihaihai


I had to take Italian in college because I was an Orchestral Performance Major in music. So, I speak Italian and German.

When I had my Rune tested on the Dyno we found out that the machine runs rich, especially in the higher RPM range. So, if we want to reduce the soot we need to find a way to lean out the mixture. The guy at the speed shop said with what we have done thus far, the easiest next thing (prossima cosa) to do is to modify the exhaust.
ciao ken

Hi Ken,
in the past j got news than one of the Rune riders was studying music in Naples. Are you??
Happy for your italian, j do not speak german but french and old Latin.
same j have interest for weapons. j had a collection licence but last year j returned the licence, too dangerous. a friend of mine got a lot of problems if you have interest j may tell you the full story.

concerning the dirtyness on exaust, j will try to use

"STP nero per iniettori "(black for injectors) additif. that was recommended from my tecnician. to use a few grams in a full tank.

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I did not study music in Naples. I worked at the American base in Agnano from 1991-1994 as an electronics engineer. I play the Corno (French Horn) sometimes in the Charleston Symphony as a substitute.

Let us know how the additive in the benzina works. I use Amsoil Performance Improver every couple of tankfulls of gas.

I am trying to decide what pistols to take to Iraq with me. I am going back to Baghdad in October for 6 months. So I will have to store my RUNE :x again. My collection is:
2 Desert Eagle .50AE pistols
a TR-15 .50AE carbine ( )
a Glock 27 .40 cal
a 5.7x28 FN pistol
P226 Sig .357SIG
.17HMR Cheeta (
a 9mm Browning Hi-Power (Belgian made)
S&W snub nose 38
.32NAA pistol (north american arms)
and a couple of high powered .22 pellet rifles
I reload all of the bullets myself.
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Hi Ken, take care of you we have bad news from Irak.
Years back j visited kyber pass J suggest not to use desert eagle, HP is acurate but no large loader capacity. glock j do not like always armed sistem. anyway not bad,
best caliber for non operative should be a 40 SW. at least four loaders and a back up using same loaders.
j normaly carry "maddalena" a 40SW UP H&K plus an extra loader.
J started with a beretta 7,5 para, mod 51 than a SW 357 mod 16 6" than a 38SW police big barrel 4". UP 40S&W H&K is really good, j have small hands and j may controll well.
me too j was reloading, still all equiment by Lyman.
j keep up weapons plus beretta 22 short olimpic for deseappering targets. j left others. lebel 8mm beretta 6,35 ecc not much interesting. only a couple of hunting rifles. a double old and nice with exthernal hammers and a browing bar.
the law in italy is very strict. we are not allowed to keep 9x19 but 9x21.and weapons in 9x21 works very badly as all converted from 9x21.
without collection licence we may get 3 pieces plus 6 sport or hunting
my friend bruno had a very big collection around 1.500 pieces. than one year back he found a gallery in mountains where were stored 2ndwar weapons. he carryed home something of forbidden and got big problems.
From october weathers start to be fresher in bagdad. j hope you remain in board contact. J will post additif results
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Hard Choice

I prefer the Colt 1911 but its heavy, good for in close stuff with lots of stopping power but not much good at 20 yards. The Sig .357 is a good choice, it carries good stopping power and if tuned correctly very accurate. I just hope you don't need to use it.
grazie for the information Hannibal! You sound like you are an expert.
When I go to Iraq I will keep in touch with all the guys on this forum.

My Sig P226 357 is very well tuned. at 25 meters I put all the bullets in the black with no problem. It is almost boring to shoot because it performs like an extension of my arm.

Hi Ken,
very interesting you and Steve know the new sig 357. j doubt this caliber has power stop as 40 S&W. Life is only one if you have time to think ok on the contrary cover your back with a river of fire.
A very interesting automatic revolver is FLN 5,60 with a penetration power in armed jacket at 110 yards. j wanted to get for Fiore but not yet allowed for civil use.
The best for your stay abroad, keep us informed. You are a Rune rider from old celtic culture, we are all with you.
I have a pistol similar to the FN 5.6 it is 5.7x28. I got armor piercing bullets for it, and they go through kevlar. The .357 SIG will penetrate a car window better than a .40. My combat pistol instructor suggested the .357SIG is better than the .40.
SHELL 93 GAS stops the Black Smoke ??

I just finished a round trip from SC to Orlando Florida and back. 750 miles. I used the new Shell 93 Premium gas. There is NO soot on the pipes, just the reddish blue coloration on the chrome.
Ken: Are you a reservist? Contractor? In any event, PLEASE be careful over there. I'm a naval reservist, not much in it for us over there (thank goodness)...I feel for my army and marine bretheren in this thing. Maybe DonnaM and I could ride up to meet you (Savannah, Brunswick, etc.) upon your return (we live in Jax, FL)...

I am a Federal Govie. I am an RF engineer for SPAWAR Charleston.
exhausts and power

since the bad tank filling no more problems, j am avoiding ESSO brand but j suppose it is only the supplier who probabily mixed some diesel fuel.
anyway j noted that if j am driving slowly for a ten km than the bike is responding more quikly to the trottle.
probabily the spargplugs clean.
should be possible the electronic ignition has an intelligent process modifying itself ??
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