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Hi. I want to export a Rune to England but there are certain rules that need to be followed before I can register it in England. It has to pass what is called a SVA Test. This includes emissions, safety etc. One of the crazy rules is that we have to have a "side light" bulb in the headlight. Does anyone know of anybody who has one in England and can you put me in contact with them as they would have had to do this to get on the road. Thanks for any help you can give me.


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A quick check of the VIN List shows two bikes listed in the UK.

0324 - Minmarvel - Essex, England, UK

0549 - Steve C - Cardiff, Wales, UK

Minmarvel is a member of this site / Steve C is not. Neither listed their e-mail as public so I can't give them out.

Steve C bought his at Honda East Ohio , Minimarvel - Outdoor Powersports in South Dakota. No pick up city listed by either.

Also I noticed your member name "Tyrebusa" --- does it mean you have / had a HAYABUSA .... if so several board member also are "BUSA" owners.

Good luck on getting a RUNE .... you won't be disappointed....

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Hi Marune Steve C (myself) is better known as Runerod on this board.

Tyreabusa here's some info for you I've got more if you need it.....

Importing a Rune into the UK.

1. First find a good deal in the US.
Best place for this is:-
I know that dealers pay $19,999 to Honda for a Rune. So anywhere near that figure is good. Some dealers are letting them go for less than cost, there are good deal to be had. I bought mine for $20,500. I could have got one cheaper but.....
I chose to use 'Honda East Ohio' (0011 419 891 1230 - ex 20 Ed Coucher head of sales) because they have shipped many bikes to the UK and they make the process very easy.
Air freight came to $1500 so it cost me $22,000 in total. I phoned on the Monday, the following Monday I picked up the bike from my local airport.
The bike will be flown into Heathrow then driven to your local airport, all included in the price. Paperwork is all taken care of by Honda East Ohio.

2. The company that brings the bike in for you (in my case they used Bax global ) will calculate the amount of tax and duty you have to pay.
(For your info, you pay 6% import tax on the price of the bike PLUS the air freight cost added together. Then the VAT is calculated on that figure. All done in £'s)
When you pay the Tax etc you MUST ask for a C & E 386 form as proof of payment; needed when you go to register it. I'd didn't know that ( and the assistant that served me at Bax didn't know also) and it took a delay to get it. You might what to mention it before you pick up the bike, so they can order the form in ready ( make sure they sign it)

BTW Bax Global will import any bike for you door to door if you what to make your own arrangements for importing, contact them on 020 8899 3000.--- very helpful and pleasant employees

3. Phone the DVLA Swansea ( 08702 430444) and ask for a V55/4 form and info pack. You need to fill this in to Register the bike in the UK. ( Ask for one of these packs before you get the bike to avoid delay). The pack will give you addresses for SVA centers

4. SVA:- when the bike arrives, to register it it must have an SVA done. Like an MOT, it's to show the bike's roadworthy for the UK. There are ONLY TWO concerns with a US imported Rune. 1 they have running lights ( the indicators stay on all the time and only flash when turning).
2. They have no parking light.
Both are easily fixed for around £20 if you DIY.
I'll go into more on this if you want.

5. After the bike passes the SVA you take the pass certificate along with the C & E 386, V55/4, your driving license, insurance and money to your friendly local post office. You'll find all these details in the DVLA pack.
After that ENJOY!!!!!

I think that's everything, I'm doing this from memory. Anyway it's all a lot simpler than it sound. Good luck Amigo!!!
Steve (Runerod).

importing to england

Great information! I am looking at importing a Rune from the States as dealers in the UK are trying to sell them for £18,000 (, which is about double the US price.
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