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Fan operation

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Some time ago, GBD raised the question of what the engine temperature is when the fans come on.
I used the oil temp gauge, and an infrared thermometer to check that out.
The fans come on at an indicated oil temp of 160 degrees F. The indicated radiator temp is 195 degrees F.


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Thanx. You beat me to it by a few days.
I'm going to temporarily connect an LED across the fan terminals so i can see when they run when driving...

Thanx. You beat me to it by a few days.
I'm going to temporarily connect an LED across the terminals as soon as I get my new handlebars installed...

Thanx. You beat me to it by a few days....??? Wait, What.... :hun1: LOL...

(It's a joke Skip... don't get mad... just laugh)
Damn if I didn't..............

Yes SIR, that is correct!

But, I now have a temp gauge installed, that is installed in the coolant flow so I know just when the fans kick in and out! With the readout mounted under the handlebar top bridge!

I don't carry an infrared thermometer as I think most or all don't, plus the oil temp guage isn't much good unless you look down when riding at your foot..............

an LED showing when the fans kick in and out without knowing the temp at which it happens isn't of any use IMO
What temp does your gauge show when the fans kick on????
Just to clarify; I used the oil temp gauge and the infrared thermometer to check the temps SITTING STILL in my driveway. The air temp was 70 degrees F. The altitude was approximately 6800 Ft. Your results may vary. I let the fans cycle 3 times; they clicked on each time at an indicated radiator temp of 195 degrees F. I do not ride with these instruments on my bike!
GrizzlyBearDan;Did 3 cycles of on/off of the radiator fans from a cold start sitting in an open shop/garage, air temp was 78 F

Fans Cycle:
on @ 206 degrees F
off @ 196 degrees F

I installed my Temp Sensor for my Rune's digital display/readout in the coolant flow AFTER the coolant flow picks up heat from both left and right banks and gathers into one...
Thanks Dan!!!
Yes that would indicate a 195 degree thermostat and the temp sensor is working!
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I'll temporarily install an LED somewhere visible, that goes on with the fans.
I've always wondered if the fans go on while moving...

" Fans do go on or run while moving...(y)

a lot of variables come into play, it varies based on outside air temp, speed you're riding, angle of the sun on road surface, what material road surface is made of, if you have anything that reduces normal air flow, weight Rune is carrying, wind/ direction of, build of rider (wind resistance), windshield or not, etc...

Rune thermostat-is not a 195 degree one"
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