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Fast idle at times

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At times my Rune idles fast it doesn't really drop seems to stay I'm guessing 11-1200 rpm fully warm, day after day the same with no change.
Then without warning it will idle normally without a glitch for days also.
I have been watching the coolant, Oil, doesn't seem to make a difference if its a hot day or not.
Are there any other Runes experiencing this same concern?
To me it's only minor and I haven't really felt like bringing it to the dealer.
I do all my own maintenance and I'm just not sure I trust them with it yet :?
Thanks in advance
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Same Thing

I too have noticed the same thing so when I put on my Tach even though the engine sounds likes its racing it is actually idling at around 950 rpm. It turns about 1350 rpm when cold and does drop down to around 900-1000 rpm when warm. The engine speed does kick up when the radiator fan turns on.

I don't think there is anything wrong with the bike. With all the electronic ignition stuff and sensors it has a mind of its own.
Hi Steven I haven't been to concerned with it.
When the idle is running high on mine and the fans come on the idle actually drops close to normal tell they stop than the idle climes again.
Also when its acting up and I let it sit for about a half minute it slowly drops but if it's throttled then the idle stays high again, Kind of weird :?
Thanks for you input.
Ride safe!
Mine acts the same way but by sound but my tac tells me my ears are fooling me. That's one of the reasons I put the tac on, to show the mechanic it was idling too fast.
Hey Guys,

From what I have noticed, my bike only runs at hi idle when it is cold. I do not notice a difference in the idle speed when the fans come on. It does seem like (in a car for instance when the a/c comes on) the computer would idle up the engine when there is an additional load on the electrical system/alternator/voltage regulator.....

any problems with the light dimming when the fan comes on?

sometime its a little hi after getting to temp,this comes and goes,like a air intake leak...????????/
Just talked to Bruce, my mechanic for goldwing for 16 years. In the 1800 manual it says not to touch the throttle for 90 seconds after starting up the bike. Since the Rune has same features as the wing it should apply.
I usually hit the srart switch and off i go. Will try his suggestion.
Did not see this procedure mentioned in paper manual.Will check the cd's today.

I've been having the same issue, but it started after I noticed radiator fluid dripping from the bike after a ride. It turns out that a hose clamp needed to be tightened. Since then, the bike idles higher than before and idles "normal" when the fans come on. I didn't need to add fluid as not enough leaked out. Just the other day, it was 59 degrees out. After riding at highway speed, then riding up my street with only 2 stop signs and clear traffic, the fans came on. I think they come on too much and am interested if there is a way to test the operating temp that engauges the fans.
Just a note- My fans run more with the custom side covers on than when they're off, reduces airflow over the rear of the engine block and the tranny IMHO.
I had my ecm replaced and its been idling good ever since. :yes:
see link to post for details ... +fast+idle
I do believe there is a learning curve like the gold wing has I saw it once while looking through the Manuel.
Hope this helps.
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