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Well, at 27,500 miles I finally got around to flushing the cooling system, with the help of my Harley Classic Stage 2 riding buddy, JohnBoy.

Watch out that the radiator cowling is rigidly attached to the right side shroud, and the left side pops out with pegs in rubber sockets. Dont forget the 8mm socket head screws on each side!

You have 2 places to unscrew to drain the coolant, plus wagging the coolant reserve bottle hose like taking a leak at Burger King.

No surprises, but watch out that when you are burping the system by barking the accellerator that eventually you will get splashed with fresh coolant that is hotter than my hottest shower.

Doing the job was a piece of cake with my Rune raised to 4 feet with my new Big Blue bike stand.

Ah Ha! I found the clutch bleeding nipple that the speed shop guys missed when they "flushed my hydraulics." Ok, next time I will do it.

Now to call Twin County Motorsports, Inc, Rocky Mount NC 27804
and tell them they owe me a NEW REAR RIM :evil: :twisted: .

They buggered the snot out of it by practicing on my Rune without reading the service manual on how to properly remove the rear wheel. 30 year technician, pah! Read the FM!

My next flush will be at 50,000 miles. Perhaps in a few months, nes Pas???

Ken (27,550 miles, lots of smiles and 1 aw shit! )
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