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for those looking for some storage....

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here is a product Sherry found....that will strap onto the back of the backrest for those with the Corbin gunfighter seat with backrest. it will sit right obove the hump on the back of the seat....therefore not touching any painted surfaces.....and not deter much from the lines of the bike.

It will provide a SMALL amount of storage. Sherry just ordered one for her and one for me. Size is 6" wide by 8" high by 3" deep. Cost is $17.99. Attaches to the back rest with the straps provided. it's called a "minny sissy pack".

not sure where she orderd them...and she's out of town now. But if interested, drop me a line. When we get them next week, i'll post pics and give a full report...

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ok...i've used the bag a few times. It looks ok (NOT great, though)...and is functional. the wife made some little velcro straps for fast attachement to the back rest. i need to take some photos.

meanwhile, the same company makes a little bigger bag....and it has black with a little grey leather (which matches my Corbin seats nicely!). it's there next biggest size. It doesn't look as good to me....but offers considerabaly more room for storage. i got one of those too...just in case i needed added storage some time.

i'll take some pics of both bags and post them i the next few days. bottom line, the bag...especialy the one great for carrying a few small items (i carry sun glasses, a rag for spot cleaning, a brush to brush out my long hair, a bottle of water on hot days....etc.)
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That bag looks pretty neat & priced right. I have for day trips the SaberGear "thighpak" 29.99. Holds map, water, wallet, etc. Fits on beltloop & around thigh with strap. 10" X 20" by 4".

Longer trips I use the magnet tank bag. perfect for raingear and many other items. 12" X 14" X 6". Availabe thru HondaDiect line.

Yet longer trips .... GiVi saddle bags.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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