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Front Suspension Noise

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I try to keep up with the mechanical ends of my Rune, but I am a novice at best. My Rune has about 750 miles on it and has developed a squeaking noise comming from the front end whenever the front shock is depressed and releases such as comming to a slow stop, or slowing down a bit after accelarating. It has nothing to do with the brakes, because the noise also happens when I go over a small bump. Anyway, is this something I can fix with some lubricant, or do I need the mechanic to take a look at it? Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

I look forward to any help I can get.

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Can't Help

Don't have that noise so I can't begin to help you.

If it bothers you and you think its not normal why not take it back to the dealer?
I have an appointment to take it in to the dealer tomorrow. I wanted to see if I could get any feedback or thoughts before I talk to the mechanic. I have a gut feeling it is something that needs to be lubed. Thanks.
The Doctor is in.

Several months ago I too had a squeak in the front suspension area.

I shot some WD-40 into that nice shinny thing that bounces up and down, under the handle bars. (I hope I wasn’t too technical for you novices). The squeak went away. Last week, after a bath the noise returned so I’ll shoot it again.
:lol: Chuck, I think that was non-technical enough for me. I am having a loose throttle adjusted anyway so I will have the dealership spray it. I am embarrased to admit I don't have wd-40 around house (nor any duct-tape for that matter). Will have to get the manhood levels up. :oops:

No WD-40, that's a crime against mankind (men not the womenkind thing), you will have to be beaten.

Now Duct Tap, that brings back memories of me and my girl friend the time we were in the back......................oops got a little carried away.
Tube 1: spring Tube 2: shock

seems to me that in my service manual .. one is a shock, the other a spring ... yadda yadda. I have the squeak too! As for me, no WD-40. I will use a synthetic lubricant spray. The squeak started happening after they replaced my front tire. Wednesday Honda will be taking my forks apart to install the second set of turn signal lamps (which will get the 48 LED lights installed in them) I will mention it to the mechanic.

Gosh, aren't these just insurmountable engineering problems!!!! :wink:
Front Tire

6,400 miles and I replaced the front tire. I had 1.5mm of tread in the center band. I was anticipating riding to Denver when I had it done, but, when the weather proved to still be too treacherous I chickened out. The rear tire is supposed to be replaced at 2.0mm. I think I have another 1000 miles to go for the D251 rear tire. Then, I will replace it with the Dunlop D220 200/ tire previously discussed. As for wear: Do you sprint around like I do? I do LOTS of high speed stops and I just adore doing S-curves at slow speeds. Since I tempt Sir Newton's rules of the road I want to keep plenty of rubber between me and the emergency room.

Did I answer your question? k
i ride fairly hard....but not EXTREME. i ride fast alot. i do alot of front braking (almost NO rear braking)...but i wouldn't say i do hard or fast stops that often. i religiously check tire pressures and keep them at 42 psi.

Doing that on my Valk Avons gives me 15-17k on the rear....and of course, could get more on the front, but i just go ahead and replace them as a set.

i'm interested to see what kind of mileage i get on this bike's tires. On my Valk, the stock OEM Dunlops always got about 8k (again, with rear needing replaced....front could have gone somewhat further, but i replaced as a set).
Zakato, this might be late, but will mention it anyway as best as I remember.
I read a post over the old site where somebody had the same problem, and annoyed the hell out of him. His problem was 'fixed' the first time (by dealer) with duct tape. That pissed him off even more, and didn't solve the problem. After contacting Honda, they supposedly acknowledge the problem after several replaced units came back again. I think there was mention of a TSB. The guy wanted to sell the bike instead of changing the shock.
This, along with a sensor failure that requires replacement of entire TB assembly has me on the sidelines for now. It's a lot of work fixing either one, which must be heart breaking, but not serious. This is nothing compared to the main 2 GL1800 problems I had (overheating and bad frame). Hope it gets fixed, and keep us posted.

I hope this is not going be as serious of an issue as you described. I am hoping a simple fix is the issue. If not, I will not give up on the Rune this easily. I have a certified Honda dealership with mechanics very close to my house, and don't mind dropping in every day, if I have to, to get this resolved. Will let you guys know.
It was me

I'm the one with the shock trouble. You can also find an "open letter to VP" that was never answered. Now State of Flordia Attorney General's involved. danny

From: rune171  (Original Message) Sent: 20/04/2004 3:44 p.m.
My Rune was taken in for 3rd time for front shock problems. Honda & dealership state 1 shock is fake, but mines rattles & moves with an easy touch. Dealership claims they replaced 1st "dummy shock" with new one. In this MSN group, DaRoofer2 (service tech @ Interstate Honda, Fla.) had his staff put of some black tape on that fell off. Then it was suggested even more tape & velcro. On a 25,000 bike, GEESH !!!!
This problem was 1st noticed after 8000 miles. Please check your bikes as this may be a safety flaw that could cause injury if the shock sticks, falls apart ,fails or dirt/water gets inside. I will be taking mine to some "bike experts" to prepare for lawsuit as Honda is not willing to (a) prove to me they even changed a shock @ $700.00 (b) Honda states this is normal.

They did finally replace the shock, still makes clanking noise over rough terrain.
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I have been following your saga on the board. The more I read these postings, the more I realize that my problem is just a little squeaking noise. I have not heard any clanking or rattling. Will keep an ear out, and as I mentioned before, I will camp out at the dealership and take care of this if I have to. I want to give my dealership the benefit of the doubt before I have to go to the mattresses.
I hear ya loud & clear friend ..... don't piss off a dealer or you'll have to go to court like me for respectable service. Here's my dealer's reply back before I was "banned for catching them doing dirty":

From: DaRoofer2 Sent: 22/04/2004 3:02 p.m.
Hey Danny,
On 04/21/2004 at about 4:30pm I recieved information from Honda that there is an updated LH front cushion now available for your Rune, p/n 51500-MEC-013. This cushion superceeds the p/n 51500-MEC-003 that was previously replaced on your motorcycle. I have ordered this cushion and expect delivery on 04/23/04. 
List price for either cushion is $890.96
Well Darn. And I had planned to buy a Rune. I thought it we be perfect for those Dakar and Baja rallies. I guess I will just have to buy one of those BMW motorcycles. I read they have some that ride really good over rough terrain. And real quiet too.
Real funny A-Tech, you should know that the Rune isn't fitted with "nubbie tires", bright plastic colors & aweful looking stickers everywhere.

The "fake" shock on the Rune is locked in tension causing damage to the bike, driver & others.
The "fake" shock is locked in tension?
Let me see if I understand this correctly.
If tension is a pulling force that acts in one direction only and yours is locked in tension, then the front suspension would be totally rigid.
Is this right?
Even with that new "fake" shock they put on its still that way? WOW!
Since a shock absorber works in two directions,
to dampen the sudden loading and unloading of the springs,
absorbing the energy transfered from the wheel to the frame,
reducing wheel bounce and the natural tendency of springs to continue vibrating once they have been distorted and released.
And yours is locked in tension?
How do you ride this thing?
How can you hold onto the handlebars at all?
How many miles have you ridden with this thing locked up like this?
Again WOW! You must be one tough dude.
I have ridden choppers that were rigid on the the rear and springs on the front and my back still hurts, they were terrible.
I just can't imagine riding with a rigid front fork.
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This "fake shock", "locked in tension" theory came from "a" "tech" at Honda in Ca. which was conveyed to me by "a" "Honda Service Rep. Don Roof" at my dealership.

From what I understand as I didn't go to Honda School, this left front shock is a spring locked in tension, it's the movement between full up & down that causes the rattle (metal on metal). This is why my dealership in one attempt used duct tape wrapped around the thing & I caught them when tape came off. Hence Honda, Ca. mysteriously coming up with a new part, as in that IM posted.

I made my dealership aware of this at 5,6 & 8000 miles. I don't ride it as much now due to fear. Yes the front end is bumpy & not as smooth as day of purchase. This and other paperwork is provided via my Columbia Cycles dba/ Interstate Cycles 1-877-758-BIKE call 'em up. Hey ask for Don Roof (Honda Service Manager) or Corey Lee (owners son). better yet, look at open letter to Honda Ca. VP under general post for the whole shameful dealership story.

Don't attack me, I'm just posting what happened to me & my Rune. I don't make "light" about safety or possible injury. Don't I know your brother "B.S." Tech? Plus I thought this was for owners, not wishers & looky Lou's.
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