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Front Tire Replacement - and Rune Running Lights

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6,500 miles. Honda in North Charleston. They charged 2 hours. No dings. The trick is you "rotate" the fender forward to get it off. Here is my concern: I could not find the Dunlop D251 series tires, so I got D220 series. The front tire is 130/ instead of a 150/. The rear tire will be a 200/ instead of a 180/. Any thoughts? I just put my first 25 miles on the new tire, with 12 of them on the Weapons Station here in SC (where the terrorist Jose Padilla is) doing foot-peg dragging s-curves and increasingly faster "hard stops" to get the tire worn in and to feel the difference in handling. It appears that the slightly thinner front tire is more responsive, but, I wont push anything until I have 200 miles under the axle. When the rear tire comes in I will replace the D251 rear with the D220.

Another thing: Yesterday I ordered a complete set of front turn signals with the mounting brackets for the forks. My intention is to put them above the turn signal lights and make them running lights. This was not cheap: $385 bucks for all the pieces parts, without wire. ken
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Are these tires you're installing low profile sidewall tires like the stock tires? I don't know if that 200 series tire will clear or not! The space between the stock tire edge and the swingarm is very tight. Please post the results. With a narrower tire on the front you are giving up stability at very slow speeds.
Rear Tire 200/ Front tire: report - first 80 miles

Folks, I will let you know. The tire just came in, so I will pick it up at noon today (friday). My rear stock 251 Dunlop still has lots of tread (ok, I need to get my caliper and measure it in mm). Depending upon how the bike handles when I start to ramp up my aggressive style of driving post front tire break in, I will know if there are problems having the D220 on the front with the D251 series on the back.

My first impression of the 130/ tire on the front after 80 miles is that the bike is a lot easier to turn at slow speeds than with the stock 150/. Every time I start out on my Rune I do peg-dragging S turns in 2nd gear. It is easier to get the bike over with this tire. After some hard braking runs (45mph), the front tire did not skid. The next time I go out on the Rune I will do my 70MPH white line exercise to see how the bike does. That is, at 70MPH on the highway (with no cages present) I rapidly strike (push) the handle bars left/right/left/right which makes the bike dodge between EACH white line. The stock tire configuration has no problem doing this, so it will be my bench mark.

Of course, after I put on the larger 200/ rear tire (we will see if it fits and let you all know) I will do my routine again.
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Tire quandary...

I'll be interested in finding out how your tire change out comes about...
Not being able to find a suitable replacement front tire from another manufacturer I have ordered one from Honda. It's on it's way and I should be installing it soon. First it was backordered...and now it's finally in stock. Price ended up being a little over $150, with a discount. Original price is around $190. I do like the idea of a 200 tire on the rear, but only if it's the low profile tire.
RedValk: No, I have not put the 200 on the rear yet. There is about 2,000 miles left on the stock one. At the rate I am going the replacement will be in a month. I will post the results for sure! ken 8,300 miles
The Runenning Lights

In the mountains of NC, and the deer country of I-26 South Carolina, people can now see me coming.

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Nice job Ken


One of the first things I thought about, after taking delivery, was this would look even better with double mounted lights on the fork, just as you have done. Looks terrific!

I’m having some chroming work done and I think you have just inspired me to include two more fixtures that will become running lights.
My turn signal brackets are to be included in the chroming I can have the new ones thrown in the bucket at the same time.

With all due respect I will pass on the hideous Corbin Bug Blocker and I think not on the two catchers masks attached to the radiator cowling.

However, I think mud flaps and a whip antenna would be attractive adornments.

Ken please don’t take offence, I only insult Black Cherry Rune owners from New Jersey.
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No offense taken SiteData! I don't consider any of the adornements to be cheesy (no cheese on MY Rune policy still stands). The cages around the HID lights are functional: there are little knobs to adjust the light beam angle. This is vy important since the lights will surely blind you if you look at them. Now, if the cages were chromed, that would be very cool. The Corbin bug deflector also works for air. Without it I get blown out of the saddle at 85. I keep it parked in the down position, which makes it almost invisible. and serves as a drool shield for the lookaloos that always swarm around the bike when in public places. I bought a Solo S2 radar detector yesterday and am wearing it. No real place to install a radar detector on the Rune without having to get a wireless interface for it etc. As for the 119" CB whip: if you find a triple chromed version, with a chromed spring, I will be all over it like white on rice :wink:
I too would like more light in the front for daytime driving safety reasons. However the black guards around your HID system are not to my liking. Could the HID light system have been mounted in the added turn signal housing? Or could the lamps have been mounted under (or inside) the engine guard without the lamp guards?
actually, i also would like more lighting, but i think i would use the extra set of running light (minus the lights and extension) mounts, to mount the HID lights to, up high like your running lights (as close to the fork tube as possible). without the cage, of course. But you have definitely given me some ideas!
Has anone looked at maybe changing the halogen bulbs in the headlight to HID. There are a number of kits available at sites like They claim an output of about 5 times more light than the stock 55 watt and draw only 35 watts.
The HID lights CAN be removed from the "catcher's mit" cage. The only thing is, they are adjustable up down sideways. Also, these lights cost me $1,000...... Perhaps a powdercoat chrome. If you was to mount the HID light in a non-adjustable chromed light thingy you may have major problems with blinding the oncoming traffic. The light is visible for 1,000 feet, and the street signs are lit up in broad daylight too.

The HID replacement for the H7 Headlamps: there is a ballast unit which is the size of 2 cigarrette packs. I thought about it, but I dont think there will be room for the ballast (25kV / 100v) inside the headlamp.

My buddy who is a pilot sez my lights look like landing lights.

Ken (9,500 miles)
rune rear tire

hi all
it was a dreaded moment over the weekend.
a rune rear tire with a small roofing nail in it.
the dealer would not patch it so i had to replace it.
the total cost of the tire was 217 and about 90 to install it.
so over 300 for one tire installed.
what a cost for a roofing nail with only 4300 on the tire,
so watch out for nails or the dealer will nail you
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