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front tire wear

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how many miles are you guys getting out them i HAVE 6000 AND ITS TIME TO CHANGE THAT SUCKS THE REAR LOOK LIKE ITS STILL HALF THERE
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Front tire wear

Sucks is an understatement.

I have 16,000 miles on mine and I am on my third front tire. Second rear.
Run the MAX pressure on both tires at 42 PSI. You should get 7000 to 7500 miles out of it. You will get over 12000 out of the rear. I ran it to low on my first front. The higher pressure helps out a lot.

It would be nice if the tire actually came with some tread on it instead of just 5/32. The sides go away first and start to cup.

As soon as I find another manufacturer, Dunlop is history. My dunlop D206s on my 2000 valk were just as bad. I changed those to bridgestone excedra. A much better tire.

Dont go into shock, it will run you around 700 bucks for a front and rear tire change. 400 for tires, 300 for labor. Unless you have a good lift to get it off the ground. Thats my next investment.

Its very sad that you change a front tire almost as quick as your oil.
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I also have 6000 mi on my front and it is gone so I have the new one on the way. The rear might have a couple of thousand left on it. The best deal I can find on new ones is at Honda Direct Line.
Hi guy's, well I have 6500 on my front & I am making arrangments to have it replaced, would not be safe to go past 7500, ran with 42psi in both. The rear tire good for another 5 or 6 thousand, looks good. I think if they bring back the Rune as an 05 we will start to see more companys willing to make stuff for the bike .We will have to wait an see.
I ran 38 to 40 psi in my front tire and had to replace it at under 5000 miles. The outside wore first. Be very careful ridding under this condition after wearing to the wear bars on the outside. I braked hard at about 5 mph and locked the front brake only to have the front tire slide and I low sided the bike in an intersection. The results were some minor scratches on the bottom of the engine guard and muffler and my pride.

I have increased the pressure to 40 to 42 on the replacement and it seems to be wearing more uniformly.

I have been told by a tire dealer that a Honda dealer is the only place that the front tire can be purchased. Has anyone found an alternate source?
RuneMan, Do you see the text box above at the top of this page that say's
"Store", pull that list open and click on HondaDirectline.
From the DirectLine home page click on "Rune Store" and you should be able to find the tires from there.
Hog Slayer:

Honda Direct is a Honda Dealer. My question referenced finding an alternate source other than Honda dealers.
But buying from HondaDirect you pay NO state sales tax and the shipping is free.
Buying from HDL

I've bought several sets of tires from Honda Direct Line and there regular prices are usually lower than anyone else and if you don't live in Florida or Ohio no shipping and no tax. They'll even beat everyone Else's price, just give them the website where you find it cheaper and they knock off some more.

As far as I know, I talked to all the tire vendors at the Hoot, no one but Dunlop is making the Rune tire size.
Tire wear

Tires can also be purchased thru They may be a little more than honda direct. If you order from honda direct, dont be in a hurry.
My Rune @ 16,500 is getting ready for it's 3rd front tire.
The Ultimate Solution for Tire Wear

Don't ride it, the tires will last a long time.
I've got over 10,000 on my bike and my tires are still fine. It's in for more custom work and the mechanic is showing I've got another 2000 or so on mine - what are you doing to wear through yours so fast???

btw - you can use a regular bike lift up under the center of the bike (we cut some small blocks of wood about 4 inch thick to fit on the lift pads around the exhaust and other items under the bike - works like a champ and it doesn't teeter) .....
Front Tire Replacement

Replaced my front tire yesterday... Scooters Motor Sports in Marquette,MI did it in 1.5 hours... I was beginning to get a bit nervous as scheduling the change caused me to ride an extra few days and 700 miles on the original. Actual mileage to the change was 8,800.... It was cupped badly and after I passed 7500 miles it seemed like is all I could think about was being prepared for it to blow.... :shock: Very limited number of riding days here in the UP of Mich so I chanced it..... The diagonal tread just off the center line was cupped flat on the side nearest the centerline. I didn't experience any problems with handling.... there was still plenty of tread on the centerline. I do feel better having the new rubber under me. My back tire still looks like new.... if it continues to wear as it has been, maybe I'll get 17K from it...... maybe I am not riding this hard enough! :D
16,245 miles = 3 front & 2 rear tires. Can get aftermarket as mention on this board for rear, however Dunlop owns the front for now.
Alignment issues?????

Do you folks who have years of riding under your belts think the front tire life....which seems to be approx 7500 miles... is ok for this bike... Is it the extra weight on the front tire because of all the equipment involved in the trailing link front end ... added to the already heavy bike?????? I know there are a few little picky things that seem to be out of character on this beautiful machine... handlebars a tad off center... front left side turn light pointing down more than right when new...every showroom Rune I've seen (8 of em) has it.... and my headlight is targeted too high...I need to take it apart to see if it can be adjusted.... Do you suppose it could be something is funky out of adjustment in the front end that is adding to the wear issue... something really simple to fix??? I did read of a Runer with over 10K with a more to add.... was his bike set up different than mine??? Just a few observations and questions.... I really do hate to be picky and almost feel blasphemous talking about things being less than perfect on this machine....
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I've had trouble with my front left shock (refer to my post's). I was told by Honda Ca. that the left front shock is fake & is always locked in tenision.

To me, if one's in tenision & the other is not, this could be the answer to the tire wear.

Please refer all your questions about the left front shock to Mr. Ray Blank VP Honda Ca. (who never responded to my letter). I'm sure he'll have his Service Tech's Michael & David answer your questions on his (Mr. Blank's) behalf.
My 2 cents was made serious when I was at tow yard several years ago at Flagstaff getting a trailer towed in. There was a big Gold Wing ride inn going on and I met a guy that was making arrangements to have his buddies Wing shipped back to his home in Chicago. His pal was waiting to get to the Wing Deal to buy a new tire and save a few bucks but didn't make. He lost his life due to a blow out so if my tires at 3000 miles or 6000 looks iffy, it is out of there. Most of my Valkyrie tires were gone at 9 to 10,000 miles but don't know about the Rune yet.

Front tire wear

So far everyone with a Rune is getting 5000 to 7000 (safe) miles out of the front tire, but........

BBC in Florida is getting 10,0000 miles?

Do you ever turn your Rune or just go 5,000 miles is a straight line? When the bike was tested here at the Honda track they went thru 2 front tires and 1 rear EACH DAY!

We have canyons and curves here in California.
Freeway speeds are 80 MPH plus and the curves on Angeles Forest highway and highway one are great. At 80 mph you are the slow one.

The rune tire only comes with 5/32 of tread on the front. (at center).
The sides go away first. The center of the tread is still there.
I have 6400 miles on this (my 3rd) front tire. It may make another 1,000 to 1,500 miles before its gone. So overall thats not bad, but not that great.

Why did it last this long? I did 3,000 miles in a straight line to Nebraske so I did not abuse the side tread! Center tread is still there and will be when its changed. The sides will kick youre butt.

So unless you run under 50 MPH all the time, cant find a curve in Florida (where I lived for 2 years while stationed at Mcdill in Tampa) or dont know when a tire is gone, I think youre dreamin!

I think the dunlop rear tire is great. The front, they can keep.

My Rune has 17,000 miles on it. About to purchase my 4th front and I am still on my 2nd rear tire.

I should not be changing a tire at the same time I do my oil.

Other than that, the bike has been flawless.
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My stock front tire lasted 7,500 miles. My second Dunlop, this time, a D220ST 120x size looks like maybe I will get 8,500 to 9,000 miles on it. I ride a lot of "straight" shots commuting to work. And I just finished 1,200 miles going up to DC and back on I-95. The speed shop in DC said the scalloping on the front tire is due to breaking. If you want to slow down the wear on the front tire, use a bit more rear brake when it is safe to do so. (I use the rear brake when I am going below 35mph and slowing to a stop. When I replaced the rear tire at 9,500 the rear pads were the same as brand new so we put the replacement pads back on the shelf)
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