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Gene's wirte-up in this months Honda RedRider Magazine

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Great write-up. I don't know which was better, reading it, or hearing it in person. For anyone intrested, it's on page 43. Gene once our weather stabalizes, we need to ride. I will be in-touch, as I want the GPS system, and need to find a chrome or polished holder for it. Let's talk soon.


P.S. has anyone seen chrome or polished GPS or cell phone mounts?

Thanks. :D
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Chrome Equipment Mount

Its funny you mention the mount. I just (today) posted my solution for a camera mount on the technical board. It should give you some good ideas about using the mounting system for a cell phone and GPS.

I use the handle bar mount from Garmin for my GPS V, small and works well and its only $25, yes its plastic and black but to be honest its pretty small profile makes it almost invisible. If you look at my gallery picture of the HDL bar end and Ultimate reservoir cover you can see the garmin mount just to the right of the reservoir.
GPS / Radar Detector

On my 1,711 mile one-way trip I will be carrying my GPS, but, it will be in a backpack pocket, turned on. Now, a question: does anyone use a radar detector? Or, do the polizei usually ignore cycles? ken
Radar Detector

I use an Escort 8500, mounted to my windshield with a head up display an yes its wired to the bikes power system. You can see a picture in my gallery. Just click the link under my GOTRUNE picture.

Escort makes a battery operated model, I think its the Solo.

Checkout carries head up display unit for the Valentine One and Escort 8500; can't speak to the Solo. Another source for the detector and heads up display is sometimes they offer the Escort for 10% off retail (no tax or shipping) :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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