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getting a bike to Europe

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How have people done this in the past and what are the thoughts on hassle/cost/time?

Can you ride in Europe on US tags and insurance for a month or so?


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Hi Steve, what country in Europe are we talking about here, cos it make a lot of difference to the hassle you'll encounter. I imported a Rune into the UK with no problems at all. Cost me £15,000. I'll give you a lot more info if you think it's relevent to you.
Steve C. :biker:
Rune in UE

Hi Steve

Steve is in UK, much easier to register there than in UE.
J got my Rune directly from Ohio to Italy and j drived with a temporary plate for 30 days.
give to me further details and j reply.
[email protected]

your nationality, where your driving licence was issued, where you want to drive. which plate you have. if you have a plate j think you may get an insurance without big problems.

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Yes you can ride for up to one year in the UK Not sure about the rest of the EC but it's probably exactly the same, There is a container leaving Orlando FL. in the next 14 days with Two Runes a Harley and a suzuki (and some availiable space) to the UK. Any use?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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