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hi everybody just trying to get in touch with these guys on parts?
can't get a hold of, does anyone have another number that's best to call? :lol:

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Hey Wildthing!

Hey! I just saw RuneSki at HomeComing in Ohio...
I know he reads this website frequently. If he doesn't get back to you from this thread on the board (and I'll bet he does), try emailing him through his profile.
Hope that helps!

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Hi all,
I had to be on my best behavior I can't afford to be bad. Too costly, We are strikeing my company. Don't buy any Nestles products :twisted:
Gotta go make a picket sign!
Take care,
P.S I will accept any donations to help make payments on my Rune.
Thanks, Rich K ( RuneSki )

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hey thanks vitki04 and runeski for getting back to me!
well i have to get ready going to sturgis and hopefully have a good time
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