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Goldwinger looking at Rune

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I've got a 02 GW1800 but don't really like the looks. I do love the handling and i usually run 200 to 400 miles per weekend just cruising around. Took my first ride today on Rune and it had the shorter bars so instead of leaning back I was leaning forward. Not comfortable. What's your guys take on replacing the GW with the Rune. I've owned HD cruisers for many yrs and stilll own a 94 customized Heritage. Will I be happy with the cruising/touring of the Rune or will I really miss the GW? I could tell immediately that the stock seat had to go and the bars had to come back so I could lean back with grips comfortably in my hand. I'm 5'10 & kinda long legged. Can't stand the tourpak/bags looks on the GW.
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buy both you only live once

keep the glod wing and buy the rune,that way you have the best of both worlds a cruzer and a drag cruzzer
Apples and Oranges.

Similiar to your situation, I sold my 2002 "Wing". I wasn't doing enough touring to justify keeping it and the 2000 BMW K1200LT. I love the Rune, but it will never be a substitute for a Tourer.......I'd get the Rune and use the Heritage for distance rides although it's never going to be a "Wing" for long distances.....If you have a couple thousand mile trip planned, keep the Wing 'til it's finished. If you're using it fartin' around town, sell it while it's riding Season.
Just traded in my 02 Wing for a 04 Rune. My wife does'nt ride that much, although she does like to ride every now and then. The Wing is a great touring bike, but I was not doing that much touring. I saw this Rune, loved the looks of it and traded my 02 Wing in on it. The first time I rode it I thought to myself (this if definitely not a Wing ride, but it sure is fun!) I guess that is what I am after right now, fun. I don't know if I had lost that in the Wing, or really just wanted the Rune, either way they are both great bikes, just different.
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