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Been on vacation for awhile and I thought I'd share a day with ya.
Last saturday I entered the dragnn in the St. Louis Grand National Bike Show, lots of bikes! It was a trophy and money show. The DRAGNN
was very well received and got 1st place in the Metric Custom Cruiser class :D Got 2nd in Best Paint, a GW trike with a trailer with nature scenes painted on it got 1st, at least I got beat by another Honda!
Then on the way home my bravado got the best of me. I was puttin through this small town that's like 7 miles from my house and when I got to the turn for the county road there on the corner was three fine young women sunning themselves in string bikini's :D They saw the bike and they sat up and looked grinning from ear to ear. I swear I felt my head like quadruple in size, that would be my upper head! So after I made the
turn I lit that Rune up, like 50 in 1st gear! I had failed to see the deputy sheriff sitting back on the side street until his lights came on! :shock:
He said he clocked me at 82 and that I might have been going faster,
I thought to myself, damn right I was going faster! He could have took me to jail for 82 in a 40! But he was cool and wrote it 82 in a 55.
The moral of the story is, Chicks are bad!

Jersey Boy
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Hog Slayer,
I bet the cop has those chicks on his payroll to do just what they do best, REEL THEM IN :!: :wink:
Next time be in control :D
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