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FIRST, many THX to this very nice board and several board members for their incredible and very concrete help at so many points of the project,
Minimarvel, Runeroad, Rich Oas, Annibale, Babu4, JohnDK and few others I am not going to mention in order to avoid embarrassing them.
As you may realize without contributors from US, UK, IT, DK no Rune would had ever seen France!!
A special Thx to Runeroad and Annibale who convinced me, early on the project to forget about all issues and JUST DO IT and provided tones of information’s to ease the all process.
The quest is not finished yet; Friday, the bike started her trip by road, from Escanaba MI, Thx to a good tip from Rich and several hours driving to check for me the proper crating. By now thx to Minimarvel and his fantastic involvement in every bit of my quest, the bike is hosted in Rochester WI, waiting Monday for 2 weeks sailing to England, where Minimarvel will once more be an absolute critical contributor to his UK homologation.

Just for the fun of it, as of today, I still don’t know how I will homologate (among other points too many HP!) this bike in France…and how to get it properly insured since my Rune is under an English colleague’s name and with a UK license tag number…

I will keep you posted

Black Cherry, Spec47, rear bars
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