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Re: alternator bearing sounds?

Cyclops said:
Parts Quantity Description
31111-PO8-J02 1 Bearing, RR
13430-MCA-780 1 Gear Assy. (28T)
13320-MCA-780 1Gear (72T)
96140-60040-00 1 Gear (72T)
21112-MCA-000 1 Gasket, RR, Case
90456-MAS-000 1 Washer (25MM)
13534-MCA-000 1 Spring, Thrust
90206-MZ0-000 1 Nut Hex, (22MM)
90245-MN5-000 1 Nut Lock (40MM)
90241-MB0-000 1 Nut Lock (30MM)
11351-MCA-000 1 Gasket, Clutch Cover
91301-MGB-003 1 O-Ring (51.6X2.3)
18291-MNS-650 6 Gasket, EX PIPE
15410-MCJ-003 1 Filter, Oil
94109-14000 1 Washer DRN Plug 14MM
6140 4 Bardahl Syth 10/40
08C50-C321S01 4 HP Coolant Qt
90428-PD6-003 2 Washer (12MM)
wow great info :yes: Thanks very much for the time you've put into the issue and followup.

Question: what's your VIN and build date :?:

Jakesboss :)

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RE:Alt bearing/Engine Case Issue

Wow....this is upsetting to those that have the issue....upsetting in that apparently Mother Honda New/knows about the issue and is still trying to unload the Rune's knowing that some of these (whatever the batch is) have this issue. And also upsetting in that a recall apparently was never issued on the problem as well. In reading the problem was hoping the it wasn't an engine drop/split and rebuild but it sounds like the case on one side needs to be totally replaced with one having appropriate milling and clearances.....a major fix and one including at least a months downtime going right into the riding season...does not do much for our image of Mother Honda....but it's the norm for manufacturers of any vehicle....
What makes one nervous is no dealers have experience on these Runes so who knows what you'll get in return after the work on such a major job ....I was nervous in bringing mine in after the right cooling fan sliced up the airbox breather tube like a salad shooter (this was before I knew what it was or I'd have done the job my self) and they scratched the heck out of the tins....watched for an hour as I had them buff the tins out with a highspeed was that or they were buying new tins....(interestingly enough their work orders say at the bottom "Not repsonsible for incidental scratches or dings")...all this with a couple hundred miles on the bike .... the plus is it is essentially a wing engine with the caveat of the 6 individual throttle bodies and I'm sure they've worked on plenty of wing engines before so how different could it be.....

Anyway....good luck to those that have the issue....keep us posted on progress....if you're having the work done...

Ride Safe~

Re: Growling noise at idle

NRXRAY said:
I noticed the same growling noise last fall. It only happens after the engine is warmed up and only when its idling. Sure sounds like a bearing and its coming from the alternator area..... went to my trusty dealer and Jeff the service manager took a listen; its the alternator driven gear bearing. Jeff is ordering the parts. He plans on replacing the bearing and all related parts. The engine will need to be pulled and the rear housing removed. He said it would be down for a about 3 days.
Were you able to fix your problem?


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Hi fhere, new rune owner here. I was hoping there were updates to this thread. How did everyone make out with this growl noise? Are any of you guys still members and riding these bikes? What was the results for all experiencing this problem?
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As you know, VERY old post. Most of those folks are long gone. In fact, two of them actually passed away, literally. The ONLY person I think that is still hanging around from this thread is Skibum. The others were last "seen" on here many, many years ago.
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