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Handle Bar Issues

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Hi all, just was wondering if any one else had the same issue with their bars as I had, I have the pull back bars and it seems that on some of them that the tabs for locking the bars into place were on some of them not welded in the correct location,not allowing the bars to sit even left to right,that the bar would be actually off center. I noticed this when installing my windvest shield. The clamps that hold the vest to the bars were not perfectly straight one clamp would be slightly pointed inward when the other was straight. Contacted the honda dealer who inspected the bars and found that Honda on mine had infact welded the tabs slightly off around a 1/8 to a 1/4 inch in my case. which was enough. Honda replaced the bars and although the new ones were closer it was still off. So the mechanic at my request cut off the left tab so I could get the darn things to center, haven't really attempted to put the WindVest back on yet still enjoying that clean look, I might even go this week end with out & see how I like it with this ne half visor that attaches to the helmet, we shall see,I'm not willing to put the Windvest on the market yet.
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Yeah, I noticed the bars being off a little the I picked up my bike from the dealer. No biggy, because it's a very small difference.
The windvest will keep the force off your torso when you hammer the bike. No vest if I'm local crusin, 50miles or less, longer rides the vest is happenin.
Yeah, same situation here also , my bars are a lil' off too. But then so am I, so we are a perfect match my Rune and me :) :!:
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
So that's it

I just thought if was my Corbin Fairing that was a little skewed but after reading this I checked and low and behold I've have the same thing, but I do agree we are all a little off so it does suit us.
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