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Handles - MSN vs

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Some of the MSN board members have new handles on this site. If you have changed your handle, and want to post the "from" and "to" .... I'll correct the VIN List.

I was REDOCDC... became MARUNENY on the MSN Board ... I'm MARUNE on this site
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Changing from jxrune 1232 to jxrune. thanks :!:
Rune171 to BlewRune. Thanx for this board !!
"A Rose is a Rose"

Henceforth, I would prefer being addressed as: Sweet Chucky-Poo.
Handle switch - Runewannabe


I copied / pasted your handle change that I noticed in your post, I'll update the VIN List

(was Runewannabe now Madroober)
Thanks Dave for keeping the info and changes up to date for us all.

Todd "Madroober"
indyrune/indywags is indywags on the new board.
ON the MSN board I used my name, Bob Mutch. I am a member of the "Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association" and my road name is "Gator" so if you would please change mine also it would be greatly appreciated.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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