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The Good. One year ago today, I picked up a new Black Rune. I had
ordered Red but a Black came in first. I'm glad I took
it ....extra speed and all. I still love it! And of course, It's still
in the same "Mod-less" condition, as when God created it.
The Bad. I feel like a friggin' HD Rider.....with a WAY "cooler" Bike..
I have 1650 miles on it. I'll do the math for you...$15/mile+
The Ugly. "Limited Production" means, the Manufacturer sets a number
they'll produce and then cease...even in the face of higher
demand. Saying the 2005's will be built on an "Order Only"
basis, means they'll build one for anyone, or Dealer that wants
one. If there is low demand, causing low production, it would
be referred to as a "Low Production Model". Trust me, If
Honda could sell 20/week, they'd meet demand. More Good
News....while you're riding, it doesn't diminish the "Smile"
one bit, how many others are out there enjoying with us! :)

Regards, Clint
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