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I am looking to find out the best communication system that allows helmet installation, connectivity to cellular as well as other gadgets such as CB and stereo through the system.

I believe someone said Daves???? But I do not recall.

Please advise as well as contact info and approx pricing.

Why is it the best?

What about ChatterBox?


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I concur that J&M is best. I have a pair of Chatterbox. they suck for being radios. I set up cables for a bunch of Yaesu Ham radios, but, the real problem is the headset/earpiece situation. I think getting custom silicone injected/cured earpieces is the way to go. I was researching the cost for getting the silicone goop you schlup into your ears, etc... then, I changed my medication and lost interest!! I signal with my lights, middle finger, fist, and Desert Eagle.

Ken (RF Engineer & 22,350 miles)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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