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Heat schields that you can use as floorboards !!PICS!!

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just finished the prototype, installed it on the Rune and living for Marysville, OH If your are interested give me a call.

Also When I get back I 'm starting production of side mount liscence plate brackets for the Rune, you will be able to install the plate sideways or up .
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Ok Tell me what you think of this,
Had them on the bike in Ohio for the Homecoming and it sure made some Japanese employees talk Chinese :lol:

Now of course those are heat shield , they are not floorboards,THEY ARE NOT FOR STEPPING ON THE BIKE FOR A TWO UP, but for a short ride across town or picking up some cute little thing at a local bar , they will double as a foot rest, that is if this young thing can seat on the triangle part of the seat.
I have been on the Interstate with a passenger for about 25 miles and no problems
The passenger was wearing rubber sole shoes and showed no heat damage.

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Vitki04 said:
Ok Tell me what you think of this,
Had them on the bike in Ohio for the Homecoming and it sure made some Japanese employees talk Chinese :lol:
What exactly does that mean? :roll:
ZM ,that was just some sarcastic French humor!!!

The honda employees just like what they saw, that is all.
Vitki04 said:
...that was just some sarcastic French humor!!!

that would explain it... guess I just don't find the French funny lately.
Zilla my friend ,
my excuses about the French , I'll take the blame for it,
Hey after all I'm French.

Pardonnez moi mon cher, si je vous ais fait voire rouge sur ce sujet.
Heat Shields used for foot rest.

I think that is a great idea. My wife does'nt ride too much but she does enjoy riding from time to time. These shields would make that possible and solves the problem of where she could rest her feet. I really don't like any of the passenger pegs I've seen so far for the Rune. Fact is I really don't want to put anything on this bike. Hopefully the install on these shields will be easy enough to where I can put them on and take them off as needed. I've no intention of leaving them on the bike. Thanks and please keep us informed. I want em now! :p

ould we get some details about how they mount etc? I am after some sort of board that will suffice for the trips where you must carry a pillion and I am unclear if what you are describing if suitable for the job? I understand they are not designed to handle the weight of somebody stepping on but I wonder if you think them structurally robust enough to handle the likely loads of a pillion?

I guess your post about the use of them raised more questions for me than it answered!

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