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Heel/Toe shifter

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Anyone out there buy the heel/toe shifter for your Rune and install it? If so let me know please, I’ve got a few questions about the installation process. Much appreciated.
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"Contact Falcon Wing, he has a couple threads on the topic:

50's boy Heel toe shifter PRE-install pics | Rune Rider Forums (

50's Boy heel toe shifer installed - pics (+ a question unrealated) | Rune Rider Forums (

I still have a new in the package 50's boy heel/toe shifter on the shelf. There is more than one version out there of a heel/toe shifter, 50's boy was the original, someone made a knockoff of it and sells it on Ebay.

One note, the OEM shifter is one of the parts for the Rune that is no longer available, so if you ever want to switch back to stock one day?..."
Still, finding the installation process of the heel/toe shifter?
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