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Hello all,

I am delighted to have found this forum. I just bought a Rune, I am so tickled.

Here is some info about the Rune and his other bike garage mates:

The model is listed as NRC18EB4
vin 1HFSC53J24A000136
Chrome version, back bars and red
Had 0.2 miles on the odometer when I took it.
Purchased from the great guys at Newgate Motorsports in Ogden Utah

I traded a v-rod with under 500 miles and a Kawasaki ZX-10 with less than 100 miles for the bike. It was worth it!

I still have a CBR1000RR(Gunner), CBR600RR(Brady), CB900(Grayson) and soon a Triumph speed triple(Bart?, if Triumph can find an '04 in black SE). So a good variety.

The Rune is named "Al", short for Alaric, the Viking king who conquered Rome. I considered Wotan, but it just sounded funny.

All this impulsiveness started this June when I went to buy a little $200.00 battery operated motorcyle for my 8 year old nephew. It then went to the Vrod and 600RR, next the 919 (CB900), then a ninja 250. The ninja was too small, traded it the next day for a Suzuki Bandit 1200 that the dealer has used, kept that for 100 miles and decided to go to the 1000RR. Next was the Kawasaki ZX10, rode it only a day and just knew it was not going to be "love". While I think the Vrod is a cool bike and the local Harley dealer is First Class I got to thinking about how I was not getting used to the "feet forward" of the Harley. And the rider controls are different than other bikes. So this last Monday morning I went in and said "hurt me if you need to" and drove off on the Rune!

Before this madness, my last bike, 15 years ago, was a Yamaha 650 Seca Turbo.

So I have gone back to riders school and am having a ball.

I have a company that manufactures audio cable in Ogden Utah, and a company called (yes, another Rune owner can get a "family" discount on heatshrink!) Also do experimental high resolution recordings and acoustics research.

I now have about 130 miles on "Al" and still can't get rid of the "perma-grin".

I am so happy that I found this forum board, thanks to you folks who make this forum possible!!

Ray Kimber

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Hi Ray, Congrats and welcome to the board. I think that makes three of us (that i'm aware of) in Utah now. I have lived in St. George since 1988. Prior to that I lived and grew up in Ogden. Most of my family is still there. You are really going to love your Rune. I am sure we will meet up some day. Ed

Swamp Rat
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Ray, congratulations on your good fortune; however, in that you purchased a Black Cherry Rune, when there are Clear Coat Black ones available does place into question you’re wisdom.

Fear not you are welcome here; even the under privileged Cherry Rune owners are accepted by the elite Black Rune owners.

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Hi Ray and welcome!
Don't let anybody fool you in thinking Black cherry is second to best it's all good! LOL.
Also get ready for the mob of people whenever you stop!
Its hard to believe the attention the Rune gets even people that normally wouldn't look twice at a motorcycle get drawn to it in aw :eek:
Ride safe!

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ciao from italy

Hi Ray,
nice country Yutah so green and interesting people. j rided in end may with my wife on a goldwing.
next year we came back to Usa as we had a very nice stay and we wish to ride again.
we will start from Yutah to north.
Enjoy your rune.
ciao from Hannibal
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