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Hello to a spectacular board

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Hi everyone,

I was a frequent visitor to the HondaRuneRiders cite. It took a while, but I was thrilled to find you here now under your new name and location.

I own an Candy Black Cherry delivered in August '03 and an Illusion Blue delivered in October "03. (I just could not decide, so took delivery on both.)

The ideas, suggestions, and comments of everyone here are really great. Considering the small size of the Rune community, having a place like this to exchange experience and information about the Rune is spectacular.

So, rather than lay silent as a board observer in the background, I look foward to participating.

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Welcome to the board .... send me / post your VIN Info, and I'll add you to the VIN List.

Unless you live in Florida you have the two best color bikes ... the Black Cherry bikes are the smoothest ... and the Blue bikes have some extra features that other members have located ... Warp Speed / Over Drive

I will get you those VIN's soon.

Interesting about the differences between the bikes. They do feel different, I must say. The black cherry is a little more firm or solid. The throttle is a llittle smoother with less play, and the gears seem to engage with a little less thrash. But I ride the blue more often. I just tend to gravitate toward it whenever I plan to ride.

What is Warp Speed/Overdrive on the blue?

I have debating over what windshield to get. I am leaning to the WindVest. Do they only have one version, 16" clear, or are there choices? I expect to order the Corbin seats.

Also, I have seen the tire pressure discussions and was wondering about your thoughts on that too.

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is the only size. You can get them in clear and tinted gray. Hopefully, they will make an 18x18 but they are in the top of the season so any new stuff waits till winter.

There have been a couple of folks who have the National Cycle and Memphis Shades Shields just can't remember who.

...both to the board....and to the small community of multiple Rune owners. I have two (ok, one is my wife's...though i ride it quite a bit too 8) ). I have a Black Rune...the wife's is Red.

There is another fellow on the board that bought for him...and one for his son.

you may be the first i've heard of that bought two for himself :lol:

Get ready to buy two of everything. Seems any time i add something for one Rune...i wind up having to do it for the other one too :wink:
Seeing Double

Your right about that. But, I was thinking for example, of trying the WindVest on one and the Corbin on the other, (although most think the Corbin is ugly.) I may experiment and make them each a bit different. But, the aftermarket is a bit lean for the Rune, so we'll see.

I probably will sell the Candy Black Cherry. It has only 60 miles on it. I will take offers if I can avoid taking too much of a bath (and it looks just great in the garage next to the Blue). I paid a premium on both because I bought them early. When I first saw the Rune reviewed in the bike mags, it was on of those "I have to have that" visceral feelings. It is a work of art.

I had the same feeling when the Dodge Viper was first introduced. The reviews said it was impractical, exudes heat from everywhere, has no door handles and no trunk space, no windows, a spartan interior and no creature comforts. I said " I have to have one of those". So I bought one in 94 and a second in 2004.

I am seeing double again.

There is another bike, not a Honda, that also looks interesting in a different way. But, since it's not a Rune, I won't discuss that here.

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Welcome to the the Rune Riders MalibuRune,
as far as concern I have the fastest Rune and it Blue :lol: Until I ship all the K&N air filters adapters to all their Owners.
My Blue Rune Dynos at 107HP so they have to be faster right guys :shock: :D :wink:
If not I'll start working on the TURBO RUNE
Wow. What is the science behind that...Blue is faster, that is? Is it because of Doppler Shift, or is that just for astrophysics? :lol:


PS: Turbo Rune, huh? Aren't things already squirrely enough in the twisties?
How bout instead of a Turbo Rune, a Nitrous Oxide Rune? We could make an inexpensive injector into the air box and use cans of Reddi_Whip as the source of the gas ! Just keep the can vertical. :twisted: "the Mad Engineer speaks"
You have a cool acting credit with Mel Gibson in the Patriot in your Gallery.

Stellar :!:

Yes. The camera is on me when Mel Gibson gives his "I will not vote on the Levy" speech at the SC Assembly meeting. I am in 7 scenes on the DVD. It was a blast.
Re: Seeing Double

There is another bike, not a Honda, that also looks interesting in a different way. But, since it's not a Rune, I won't discuss that here.


Please do discuss. I would like to know what else you might think is cool. I love my rune but others as well. I know theres the Triumph 2400 and the kawasaki 2000. Are you refering to one of those? I went in a different direction, I picked up a 2004 600rr and have been puting the miles on that.

Provacative talk

I saw the Triumph Rocket III about three weeks ago briefly. It was an eyecatcher. I don't know how it rides or handles, but it is a sweet looking bike. Classic on the one hand, contemporary on the other, and a great looking engine. I would like to see it closer up and get on one to check it out.

Nothing like the Rune. The Rune really provokes. As has been said so often, Harley lover's admire the Rune. I ride with 5 to 10 of them every week, and they love it. The Rune just looks so different. Even now, so many bikers don't even know what it is, and have never seen one. And the Rune is truely a beast. You need to prepare a logistics plan before making a U-turn with the Rune. Safer yet, just make a right and go around the Block.

Folks on this board and some great vendors have made the aftermarket begin to develop for the Rune. But there is not much you can do that integrates seamlessly so far. Its all just a little "off". From the seats, to the wierd Corbin fender butt, to the plate frames, to the saddlebags, to the windshields, to a reasonable "tie down" solution, to a frame stand.... The Rune is not very aftermarket friendly. Creativity is helping to fight back on that front, however. The Rune dares people to seek cool solutions to a bike that was designed to be as it was born.

Well, this little chat should warm things up a little around here.

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VIN Numbers


Here are my Vin Numbers as promised:

Illusion Blue: 1HFSC53794A000090

Candy Black Cherry: 1HFSC53174A000259

I disagree with you a tad, the windvest compliments the bike well without covering the frontend. Iso-pegs look great on the rune. The lamonster
bullet grip tips flow nicely, as do the reservoir covers by Ultimate machining.Aeromach has a lot of mirrors that would look great on the Rune.
I can't say enough good things about Tom Sr./Tom Jr. at Ultimate machining! They have and still are leading the charge in Rune customizing. If you want to trick out your Runes those are the guys to get with.

I agree with your disageement! I just installed the WindVest in smoke and it looks great! Next up is the Corbin seat and Iso-pegs.

The Ultimate machine guys do a great job, and we are lucky to have 'em.

Thanks for the comeback!


Your WindVest looks like blue smoke to me. WindVest said they had only clear and smoke for the Rune when I spoke to them. What is the real scoop? Were did you get blue smoke?


MalibuRune, (Shouldn't that be MalibuRunes!)

I got it from windvest, it was back when they first started making
them for the Rune. I believe I have the first blue they made and I haven't
seen another Rune with the blue tint. :)
Did you ask them if they could do a blue one for you?
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