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Here is that pic i promised

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i had to experiment and test uploading pics. In the process i learned that while here on the Rune board, your private Album (top left button on the screen) has the limitation of 128k in the size of the file, and 800 pixel width limitation, and a 600 pixel height limitation.

However, if you go to Photo Post (top right of screen, second row of buttons)...and register there if you haven't already, and you can post pics (you should post them in the Rune section) on the Direct Line sponsored site that are LARGER IN SIZE (some of you have been emailing or posting that you have had problems with size restrictions....HERE IS YOUR SOLUTION).

I was able to upload this picture of the Hooters girl on Sherry's Rune. Sure would have been a shame if i didn't get this one uploaded :twisted:

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Tim, I’ve tried your suggestion above. However, that site tells me my attempts exceed capabilities. It may be the 5.25 pixels of my camera is the culprit. I’m trying to post photos of four Runes taken together last weekend. Cherry, Blue and two Blacks all of which have after market adornments.
Cannot post

I have also attempted to post as you have directed and it declines my attem pt based on file size. The photo I attempted to post was (as listed under properties) a 706KB photo, and it was taken with a $200 digital camera. I made repeated attempts to make this work but cannot seem to be successful. Seeing you posting photos of Hooters girls just makes my own shortcomings all the more painful. Larry. :evil:
If you post a picture bigger than 80k it's too big for the web. You need to compress it with whatever photo editing program you use. I use Thumbs Plus and it works great. 150K should be way more than anyone needs. Remember there are still foks on dial up. :(

By the way Photo Post has the same restrictions.
Hey Redvalk, nice pic, did she come with the bike,if so where can I get one?
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