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...once in a while. We put some valuable tips on how to post pictures, do other techie things...etc. We tell you how to read your private mail ( i see where two or three of you still haven't read the private mail i sent to you....go to the top of the page....RIGHT NOW....and click on "You have ## new message(s)". Then go to your INBOX...then click on the message i sent you. Des and Rich still have unread private messages.)

Anyway, i notice a lot of the how too and posts over there have very few not many have looked at them! Might want to check that board out for some good how too least until you have learned your way around the new board!

Also, check out the VIN section. Dave has the VIN info posted, and he's done his usual GREAT job. Give that man a cigar...or something :p

I have posted the same vendor list that was on the old board in the vendor area on this we won't lose any of that info.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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