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Hey Lamonster what are the chances....

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.....of you marking a supercharger for the Rune some time in the future. I rode a supercharged Valk the other day and it was pretty awesome. The damn thing felt like it had a jet turbine engine.
I would be great to get the Rune running like that.
So how's about it, you've already got one customer!
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Thinking about a TWIN TURBO RUNE , now that would be an awsome ride
Twin turbo's, man that thing would be evil :shock:
I reckon you'd be heading for the 150++ teritory with that set-up.

I'd have thought turbos would involve too much plumbing on a flat 6 engine whilst a supercharger just slips right on in there. they don't have lag and they suit relatively low revving engines.
Just curious why your going the turbo route and not a supercharger with the pressure cranked up.
Could be you're looking for 200 bhp or thereabouts :twisted:

My friend and I big bored my Valkyrie out to 1835cc's but it was a lot of work and it caused some problems. Reckon I've learnt enough to get an F6 engine done again without the problems, but it's still a lot of work. The Rune should be able to go out to around 2200+ cc's
Whilst the engine was apart we fitted the Mario overdrive on 5th gear only.
It was a bit risky as I was the first to just add 5th overdrive and not 4th.
But it worked brilliently. Good accelation using 1-4 and you didn't notice the
big jump into 5th, just very relaxed cruising ( the jump from 3-4 with the Mario 4th gear was too noticable for my liking). The extra power pulled the taller gear with ease.
I'll talk to Mario when I see him next about a 5th gear overdrive for the Rune.
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Sorry to say but the numbers are not there. :( It's pretty big bucks to tool up for that and I bet we would be lucky to sell 10 of them, that won't even touch the R & D cost.
Supercharger: make that 11, (count me in)

LaMonster --> If you tool up to make a kit, count me in. Otherwise: is anyone going to reprogram the ignition module to increase the RPM? :roll:
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