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Hi Direct Line!!!!

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Hey Hal, could you give us an udate as to the Highway Peg clamps that attach to the crashbars, any pics of these yet and when could someone expect to actually order a set & recieve them. And what ever happened to the chrome cover that you guys were thinking of making that attached directly under the seat on the each side? Any input would be great!!!
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I can't think of enough words to say how screwed up my orders have been with HONDA Direct. So don't get me started. Never again. Ill pay the extra money for better service elsewhere.

If you want highway pegs, order them from rivco products. They mount from the valve side covers, have 3 mounting areas and rotate to 56 different positions. Excellent quality. fast shipping. About 300 bucks and they look great.

Check them out on line.
honda Direct

RUNE 102,, Man sorry to hear youve experianced bad service from HDirect. My experiance has been just the opposite. Ive ordered everything from tires and brake pads to body parts and thingamagigs from them. I have never had anything short of excellentg service. Even when I screwed up the order they help me unscrew it and somehow made it appear as if I wasnt to blame. I have an order for some EC items for my WIng on order now. There certainly not all bad but I can understand the never go back aspect if you feel you got burned.
Yo, I liked my service....

I can't say enough nice things about Hal and his outfit. Before I placed an order, I emailed questions back and forth directly to him, and Hal responded. When I called and ordered, someone else answered, and helped out. Then, Hal emailed me and told me he recognized my order and let me know when it was shipped, etc. Everything arrived as discussed. It couldn't have been a nicer experience.

I just wanted to share my experience.
My last order

The day numbers are not exact but you get message, service was .......

Day 1. 5/5/4 Ordered front and rear tires for my Rune. Placed order.
Day 3. 5/8/4 Better check brakes pads. Placed order.
Day 5. 5/16/4 Did 540 mile day jaunt. Decided I needed highway bars and pegs.
5/16/4 Placed order.
Day 10 -12. No tires, no pads.
day 13 Placed call. Tires had processed for shipment.
Brake pads out of stock.
Thanks for letting me know. CANX order. Purchased thru Chapparel locally cheaper. Highway bars, order being processed.
Day 20-21 Tires arrive. I get my 150/60/18 for the front and a 100/90/19 for the rear. Yea, thats close. A little different than a 180/55/17 rear I ordered.
Day 22 Call HD. Yes we have that in stock and we will ship it today.
I recieved an email 4 days later that it was shipped the same day as the email. 5/27/4 As far as the highway pegs, they shipped the mounts but the pegs were out of stock. CANX peg order. Called RIVCO direct, yes, in stock, you will have it Weds due to holiday. And they made it so.

The correct tire arrived the first week of June with a return tag for the wrong tire. Sent the wrong tire back to HD.
Had a charge on my card for $330 for the first set of tires in May.
They were nice enough to charge me $170 again in June for the replacement tire that I had paid for in May.

In between all of this I ordered items from the east coast from 2 places and had the items within 3-4 workdays. My wife had stuff shipped in from Eygpt and it arrived in 4 days.

Customer service did get it all straight. Well, at least I hope they did when I see my next card bill. Two thumbs up for cutomer service!
I hope what happened with me is not their norm, if it is, they better pay customer service people more money.

What I expect as a customer:

1. Confirmation of order. (Which they did)
2. Confirmation that the item is in stock, oreder processed, and date it will be shipped. (NOT)
3, If out of stock, request information from me as far as to keep on backorder or to CANX order. (NOT)
4. Confirmation that it shipped, tracking number and when it should arrive. (NOT) (They did do it on the second rear tire)

They did okay on the highway bars, but what do I do with 1/2 of something?
I spend 2 or 3 grand a year buying online. I expect service. Everyone does.

So until HD gets up the standard of most other online places, forget it!
Ill pay more for better service elsewhere.
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