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highway pegs ??????????

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Hello All, I'm pleased with all the bar ends ,knock offs , eng. cover plates and brake cover dooodaads ; but i just want a set of highway pegs that i can adjust . I've seen the spider set that bolts to valve covers, is there no one making any that mounts to the crash bars like my gl1800 goldwing ? Jim Rice/ gl1800nrx!!!!
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Me too

That's what I want too. Hate the set offered by Rivco.
Food for Thought

Just to keep things interesting. If you mount a bracket to the engine guard without off sets to bring them back, only folks with 34" or longer inseams would be able to use them.

I have the spider ones from Rivco and they do adjust, it takes a bit of trial and error but they do work.
high way pegs

on our new valve covers they will have a place to mount high way pegs on the bottom........just be patience
But Tom

How about just a regular (irregular) clamp for the engine guard. Honestly that is what most of us want.

Dickson :eek:

I have long legs but to put high way pegs on the crash bars, to me any way are just to far away from the feet and I don't think it will look any better than those rivco spider looking things.........But on the bottom of the valve covers with a nice solid mount will look and feel great. On the down side they might be a little expensive for some of you guys but we still are going to invest the time and effort any way.
And the price keeps going up

Tom, I met with Jorge this past Thursday to make arrangements to leave my Rune with him for about three weeks. I have some surgery scheduled and while I’m on drugs Jorge is going to dip the Rune in chroming pot.
I have a 34" inseam, and I have the Rivco spider mounts. At the forward most position, and mounted with the peg as far forward as it will go, it is just no enough for me. I WANT the crash bar mounts. Whoever makes them, I will buy them. Anything shorter than this position just doesn't work for me.
Well folks, I have a 32inch inseam and I can rest my shoes on the crash bars as I go down the road, no this is not practical but it just shows that if someone would make a set of clamps like Kurakyn, where the part that attaches to the bar would actually be able to have there S shaped part that would come off of that then the peg would mount to the S part then that would give you 360 degrees of range and you would be able to have the footpeg around 5 inches closer to you then the crash bar or 5 inches away or any where in between. I am willing to wait to see what Tom comes up with and would consider his new version. If it comes out from under the valve cover,if not
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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