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highway pegs

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Was wondering if anyone has put these on their Rune and how they liked them. ... =509338385

It seems your feet would be up a little high but I guess you could attach them at a few different spots..further or closer. Would be nice to ride somtimes without my feet under the engine. If the link doesn't work, they are the ones that have the four way attachment.
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They look scarey. Why? Because they make the foot pegs stick out farther than the protection of the engine guards! As the Rune is designed, and, as a number of us guys & gals who have lain their Runes down sideways..... the design of the engine guard is perfect for protecting the bars, the tank, the fenders. Ken(13,450 miles & just got my banjo bolts and bar ends yesterday)
Yes, i have them. There is something like 70 different positions they can be mounted in. The mounts have 360 deg. possible mounting positions, and the mouns can be "flipped" to allow further forward or further rear ward positions as well. Also since there use four of the case bolts to mount, you can position then on the forward most four, middle four or closest four for just the right distancing. They are not bad at all.
I hear what you are saying Ken. Is it your main concern that they attach to the engine case rather than the highway bars? Most highway pegs usually stick out past the engine guards since they usually attach there. That is the only downfall I see, that they may damage that part of the bike should a tip over occur. I wouldn't be too concerned about the pegs themselves getting damaged as it is just really a cosmetic part. But I wouldn't want the caseing getting pushed in from a fall. Hard to say how sturdy that part of the bike is. I still think they have a nice unique style. Hmmm, what to do.
Yes, My concern is that the stress on the case mounting holes could cause the treads to get stripped or bent. I would consider the pegs themselves as sacrificial pieces. My favorite position is to hike my feet behind me and rest them on my Rivco passenger boards. I look like a horse jockey, but the position keeps the hot engine air off my boots and keeps rain off my legs when riding in rain. If I need to extend myfeet forward, I just rest my Achilles tendons on top of the existing pegs.
Rivco Pegs are great

I have had these since day one and use them consistently for both highway and just to stretch. I have done approx. 5,500 miles with a number of long hauls and the number of positions sure makes it possible to find the most comfortable position. Never even thought of the issue of damaging the engine casing. I did drop the bike on the first day, not used to its weight and didn't put the kick stand down, too busy grinning at the neighbours to know what I was doing, the pegs never touched the ground. They also retract pretty good when not needed, I easily flip them back clean against the casing and you hardly notice that they are there. Never really thought about my feet being too far out from the engine guards, but I guess I've already grown used to the fact that I'm not driving in a car with a seat belt and air bags (just a little dig there).
There are OK

I’ve had these on for several months and I like em. I’m not real happy with the way they look but the riding position is comfortable.

You can see mine in my gallery.
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