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Honda Homecoming - Ohio

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Hey! Just starting a thread to see who might be going to the Honda Homecoming event this year! I'm heading that way from Tampa, and would love to see a bunch of Runes at this years festivities. Has anyone gone before? Is it neat to see?
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i went the last three conjunction with the InZane when it was in Zanesville Ohio. InZane is the BIG Valkyrie rally held once a year, put on by the VRCC. This year, they moved the InZane to Paducha, KY...and moved it to the week BEFORE the Homecoming. Lots of Runes seem to be going to BOTH events....the InZane in Paducha 21-24 July...and the Homecoming in Marysville, OH the next week! The ultimate trip would be to do BOTH...back to back!

The Homecoming has tours of the Honda plant available....and they have no vendors on site at the Honda plant...but they do have vendors at two locations within 20 miles of the plant. Alot of the vendors seemed to be just a little more catering towards the Gold WIng crowd...but, there are some vendors who cater to Direct Line will be there. they have other activities like a parade of lights, ice cream social, demo rides, etc.

I won't be attending this i'll be doing the InZane thing in Paducha the week before. there we will have a 1000 Valk and Rune march, lots of vendors....lots of activities. Again, maybe you can do both :p
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OK. I'm interested -- WHEN is the homecoming?

Honda Homecoming Update!

The dates for this years Honda Homecoming are July 29th through the 31st. I'll be heading there on the 28th! After going to the official Homecoming Website it looks like there will be lots of stuff going on at the plant and places surrounding it. Since I'm originally from around Central Ohio and my grandmother lives in Marysville, I already know my way around. step-granfather worked in the plant several years ago!
As the time get's closer I'd love to see how many of us Runes will be there, and where we can meet up for some story swapping and Rune Riding!
Homecoming is getting closer!

My plans are being finalized for this event and I'll be heading there around July 26th and hanging out until the 1st! I'm glad to see that Motorman will be there! bringing the Rune? Love to meet up with you and Dr. Donna just to see a little Florida 1,100 miles from home.

Does anyone have plans as to where to stay? I would be interested in riding my Rune from SC to OH and back. ken
honda homecoming

We will be flying out to ohio . Honda will be providing me with 2 VTX's and a 750 for the demo's . I should also have Hall's race replica Goldwing to ride in the shows as well . Make sure you stop by and say hello . I'll also have my new Ride Like A Pro 111 videos on site .
I'd like to go!!

Hey Guys,

I would be interested in going to this event. Please PM through email. I live in Live Oak, Fla. I-10 , just West of I-75 (Lake City). Where can I find out info on Web?
Here's the website info!
That link should take you right to the Honda Homecoming website!
Hope to see you there!
Homecoming less than 2 weeks away!

All my plans are set up and everythings ready for the trip! I'll be staying in Dublin, Ohio (just outside of Columbus). It's just a short trip from Marysville and Honda. Hope to see a few of my fellow Rune Riders there!
Hey Rad
are you driving up I-95? Im thinking about going. I live about 2 hours north of Savannah just off I-95.
ken (10,000 miles yesterday!)
Homecoming Protest

I'm still trying to get my Protest Permit from the city/county. Nothing major like the 60's ....... just posters & flyers showing how Honda backs dealership in sales but not in service.

Honda Ca. finally wrote back to say $26,000 motorcycle CAN BE REFUSED service by local dealer. Even though Honda Ca. NOW KNOWS dealership "did dirty" by using duct tape & left parts off.

My only goal now is to get TV coverage about this shameful way of treating a Honda buyer. BTW, is cost me 4 hours (hr dwn & back X's 2 due to work), gas & 170 miles, 159.00 for rear tire, 208.00 labor to install. This AIN'T RIGHT!!

If I had read on this board that a lot of Rune owners had problems with their dealerships I would be supportive of your cause, but I've read just the opposite! You're on a SOLO cause!
I for one am tired of reading your negative posts that bring negative vibes to the board! People are part of this board for positive reasons, it's something they ENJOY!
Get over it and move on!
Get over it. Go to your doctor and get a 5 day supply of Xanax, go to your Guru and get your CHAKRA rebalanced, then in the future, make sure the bonehead who had the tape doesnt touch the bike by asking a friend to take the bike to the dealer :wink:

I didn't start this fight, but I will finish it. It's obvious that it's a small wonder the dealership got the Rune out of the box without the help from Team Harley.

This is about practices, principals, and promise. If this is happening to me & Honda's top product ........ what else is going on! The "bonehead" you mentioned was the Honda Trained Service Manager. At which the "bonehead" told Honda Ca. this was a quick fix until the "new part" came in. This was 1 of 3 MAJOR GOOF UPS!

Again, by attacking me dosen't change the truth, facts or the way Honda reacts to it's dealerships. I'm a FIRM beleiver in WORD OF MOUTH.

I agree with the rest of you ....the Rune is an awesome bike. I just lack the serivce part that comes with it.
Rad, Ken & other brothers,
As of now my buddy Gene and I hope to be there. I went last year ( rode my 98 Valk from Howell N.J ) and saw the Runes come off the assembly line. I had mine ordered at the time and I was in awe seeing them roll off the line.
Last year we stayed in Dublin at the Homewood Suites
Will keep you posted!!
Rich K. ( Rune Ski ) and Gene B.

Hey guys,
Hope to be there this year too with my buddy Gene. Went last year and saw the Runes rolling off the assembly line. I had one on order at the time and I couldn't stop droolin'. Last year I stayed in Dublin at the Homewood suites
Keep you posted
Rich K. ( Rune Ski ) and Gene B.
my service...and dealer....and Rune....continue to be ROCK SOLID. no, make that my Runes and service and dealer continue to be ROCK SOLID. i have to agree, you (Blewrune) seem to be the exception to the rule. but then i don't know all the inside details of your situation.

but i do do know there are two sides to every story. i wish you well in your endeavor, but meanwhile, most of us are on 'cloud nine' with our bikes and service and performance! you are truly the 'exception to the rule'. but still...we want to hear your story............
hi guys
I am planning on attending the event. Will be riding in from around
Toronto Ontario . Was planning on Camping as I did a test run with the
Tent and Camping gear in Parry Sound sport bike rally last weekend.
I superwaxed my back fender and then duct taped it so the sleeping bag and tent and stuff would hurt my paint. Worked great , no marks and
rode 1000 km plus. Hope to see you there. Especially interested in those double blinker lights I think they look Awsome .
Rune Gathering at Homecoming

OK, I am definitely going to the homecoming. I'm riding the Rune up from southern Indiana. Straight up hwy 41 to Terre Haute then across on I 70.

I have no idea where I'm staying or what to expect after I get up there. My wife may drive up with a truck and small trailer, but that is just for hauling if it rains and I decide I'm going to be a puss about it or in the unlikely event that I am too tired or hurt or have a break down. I don't like to take off on a bike trip without rescue plans unless I'm riding in a group.

If anyone else is going up Friday afternoon or evening and wants to make plans for a bunch of Runes to meet somewhere then let me know. You can post on here or e-mail me [email protected].

Dirk Carnahan
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