I sell here a Honda Rune gas tank because I reduce my stock.
The tank is original and has the following part number: 17520-MEC-670ZD
As you know, this tank costs ~3140USD new.
I bought it second hand for a customprojekt but I do not have the time.
The tank was filled on the right side, because the previous owner tipped over the machine.
I didnt remind, but i thougt that the former plan was to integrate further instruments in the tank.
But for those who want to build or customize a rune or need the tank for another project,
it is the chance to get such a tank for smaller money.
I would like 500 USD + shipping, (I ship worldwide, so please let then know where you are for
the calculation of the full amount) payment via PayPal.
For any questions please send a pm, and of course you can negotiate the price with me. Greetings