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Honda & The Law

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Maybe I wasn't clear when I made posts (old & new board) about my troubles with Honda & local dealership Columbia Cycles DBA Interstate Honda 1-877-758-BIKE ..... same owners of Tifton Honda in Ga. & Honda in Jacksonville, Fl.

My tire, shock, & whatever can be fixed with proper training & skill. What can't be fixed is Honda of Ca. not backing their dealerships. Their reply "each dealership is independent" and they (Honda Ca.) can't make their dealerships work or service on a items purchased at the dealership.

If you bought a Ford, GM, whatever & the point of purchase refused to service because they don't like you or you caught them "doing dirty" is against the law. Even Wal-Mart takes stuff back without a reciept!

I have talked with many lawyers (none hired at this point) and the lawyers state this is class action on Honda. Honda just might as well have showrooms and close service departments if they won't work on what they sell.

I love my Rune, best bike ever for me. But I will not take it more than 200 miles for service because of some poorly trained, decieving service manager. If you should have any questions or need information, please email me. I've been trying to get the word through the "web" as much as possible.
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Have you called
Ray Blank
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Vice President, Motorcycle Division
(888) 888-3109??????
Yes Chuck! His top flight Honda Service Tech. David assured me Mr. Blank would never return my calls, hence I sent him a letter (open letter to VP) which Mr. Blank has not responded to either.

There are serveral people & agencies interested in the out come of this. Not to mention the poor Honda owner (all Honda products sold through their dealerships) seeking respectable, reliabale & skillful service work on items purchased.

It's just a shame ...... a damn shame. I love this bike.
You talk to much

Just call Ray Blank again at the 800 Rune number and tell them you want to leave a personal voicemail for Ray or ask to be transfered to his assistant, then leave a nice voicemail message asking him to look into the matter for you. I would suggest that all you say is that dealer xxxxx seems to being substandard work on a great Honda product and you are concerned about safe operation of the motorcycle and that you have been unsuccessful in getting resolution at he local level. He will then send the message along to one of the customer service managers who will jump through hoops to get you off of the bosses back.

This worked for me on my VTX.
Ray Blank

Thanx guys, but Mr. Ray Blank is untouchable to the public. If any of you guys can get through to him please tell him of this problem. Either it's not important enough, or doesn't care, or is so sheilded by the Techs he doesn't know. I can only guess as to the reason.

I'm reachable through this website via PM. This whole mess is coming to a head very very soon.
I took delivery of a new Honda a few months ago. THe local dealer here in NW Whatcom county WA has an absolutely rotten reputation. I knew that going in but it was a 5 hour drive to the next nearest dlr. They delivered the bike filthy, the owners manual was covered in greasy fingerprints, the tires had 1/2 the recommended safe riding pressure...SO why did I pay to have the bike setup.. the dealer said their compressor was down so all the problems. never tried to correct anything. Then he tried to charge me $150 more than I finally paid Honda Direct Line for the same 4 yr coverage. I wrote a 2 page explicit letter to Honda (doesn't care) of America in Gardena. 2 months later a girl called me and said "what do you want us to do" my retort was to make the dealer do the right thing and service what he is charging for. OH we have no jurisdiction over what our dealers do. Honda of AMerica doesn't give a rats ass about their reputation, the treatment of their repeat customers or customer service in general
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