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Hope all Florida HRR members are safe and dry ....

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With 36 members / bikes on the VIN list and the scope of the hurricanes I hope that everyone is safe and dry...

Chuck / Tom's did you make it through it OK ?
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we made it

We made it through the storm with no damage. This is the first time i have been on i just got my internet back. Thanks for thinking about us.
All Floridians
Thinking of all of you !
Stay safe

Hey, you guys down there take care, stay safe and get out ridin' again soon.

Thank you for all the well wishes to the Sunshine State. I've lived in Florida some 40+ years and have never seen a season this bad. This goes 'til Nov. 30th.

No major damage in Live Oak,Fla. Closed I-10 due to local river overflow. I-75 was busy ...... folks going back home.

No power for me for 5 1/2 days. Had plenty on moon showers though. From "Hunt for Red Oct. ... did he do a crazy Ivan?" Hope so ... go left this time.
Anyone seen Sitedata yet?

SiteData's home was at "Ground Zero" in Jupiter. The good news is that it was a "Summer Wind" compared to "Ivan". The dealership where I work in West Palm Beach had about $50 - $100 K in Damages....not too bad.
I just got power last night. I'll never complain about a power bill again. It's the best value on the planet.
I tried to prepare for Frances by riding the Bike at 110mph....just to get that feel of the wind on my ever receding hairline...I don't think the Rune will let me do the same Hurricane preparedness with Ivan. I'll need to borrow a 'Busa.
SoFlaRes1 and all you folks in Florida.
Glad your O.K and that you didn't have your sense of humor dampened too much. God, I hate to see ANYONE go through what you guys have gone through :!:
Take very good care,
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
At least I got my Banjo Bolts from ShopDog before the storm hit with no problem!!! My brother lives in Orlando and was complaining that he drained too much water from his pool!
Good luck to youse guys down there from an ex-Florida boy myself!
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I'm back!

Well hello all, I’m back and a changed man! I’ll never again make sport of those dimwit people from New Jersey or with those who ride those awful Black Cherry and Illusion Blue Runes. I spoke to God and He told me my house would be spared but I had to be nice to Runski and RedValk’s wife.

When the hurricane was approaching I placed my rolling stock in storage and took off for Amelia Island, which is North of Jacksonville, FL and South of Brunswick, GA. I had a great time at the pool and watched CNN the whole time. On the day I left the Island lost power. When I returned, on Tuesday I had power but had a fifty foot tree resting on my roof. No damage to my house but the vegetation is a total loss,

The interesting thing I found is that the tree that came to rest on my roof is directly above a second floor balcony; on the balcony I have a small table with two chairs. The table, chairs and a small wicker basket sitting on the table never moved an inch.

I know no one cares a thing about me so I’ll report that the Rune is in pristine condition.

Thank all of you for your best wishes.
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Glad to finally hear from you, We kept thinking the worst had happened to you, like you were making the move to New Jersey. We are all glad to hear you're O.K and I'm sure that you are thankful in the fact that you have plenty of fire wood to keep you warm this winter. :wink:
Welcome back,
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
and you wont have to mow your lawn until you replace it!! :lol:
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