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How do you view your Rune?

  • 1 up Super Cruiser. I don't want windshields, passengers etc.

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  • 2 up Super Tourer. I want windshields, passenger seat & pegs etc.

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How do you view your Rune?

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I have noticed that there are really 2 main interpretations of the Rune.

It seems that some (including me) see the Rune as a 1 person bike. This view welcomes exhaust mods, lowering and a more minimalist, less is more approach.

The other view seems to be more of a super-GoldWing kind of thing. 2 up seats, windshields, highway pegs etc. The Rune is viewed as a big comfortable tourer.

I'm really curious to see how we are divided on this issue. I'm sure that vendors and potential suppliers would like to know this as well. We already are a very limited market. This info might make it easier for vendors to prepare and offer the products that we are most interested in.

What do you think?

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Add a 3rd Category

Super cruiser....only windshield added!
OK, maybe there should be a 3rd category. Apparently to some of you, windshields are not exclusive to the luxury liner category. Maybe thats part of my own prejudice. I associate windshields with the big tourers of the world.

I am trying to design a smaller chrome wind deflector that looks more like a part of the original design and still manages to deflect a good portion of the wind and objects (bugs, birds, rocks, etc.) over your face. If I get it to look right then I'll post some pics.

gee....that's what the Windvest is to me....a small vest/shield that is just enough to deflect most the stuff. In fact, some complain because it doesn't deflect enough for them!

I assume you have seen the Windvest? It's not a shield, per say. it matches the bike nicely....and is 'kind of' that in deflects some of the wind, bugs, etc.
Yes, I've seen the windvest. If I were to have a shield, that's what it would be. I think that similar results could be achieved with a much smaller chrome shield, not much higher than the topclamp, just by using aerodynamics. Maybe even a couple of small undetectable plexiglass wings located on the forks. Again, not much more than a theory right now. Maybe I'm completely wrong. I won't know until I try. I think that the newer RoadKings have something similar to what I am talking about with a small chrome thing near the top of the tree. Certainly not as functional as a working windshield, but far better than nothing and maybe better aesthetically.

I see it more as one up, with some mod's and a windscreen. Some well integrated storage would be great, even if it holds just a little bit.

How do people feel about handling and suspension adequecy in the two-up context, considering the manufacturer's unambiguous warnings about two up?

I can go either way!!!!!!!!

As one who lacks the ability to make a firm decision, I can’t vote.

I have prepared my Rune so that on the occasion when I want to take a passenger, I can. I have a Corbin two-up seat and passenger peg mounts from Noblesville Honda. As well I've installed a Windvest and have removable saddle bags.

The passenger peg mounts attach at the two bolts just to the rear of the stock pegs. Unlike the Rivco offering mine did not require cutting the chrome side panels. They are made of stainless steel and chrome and cost about twice as much but can be removed easily with the turn of a wrench and if left in place hug the frame and are not obtrusive.

If I did not have the option, I’ve created, I’d vote to keep the one seat because my Rune looks better without the two-up cargo carrier; and with the saddle bags on it looks like the rear end of a mother of eight!

As I see it I have the best of both worlds and neither detracts from the other.

I've kept the Scooter as it was born. I'm a member of a very small sect that believes defacing the Rune is an act of Sacrilage. We have initiated litigation against all "Mod" manufacturer's.
We also believe bugs in your teeth are a turn on for "Chicks"
what good is "turning on the chicks" if you can't put her on the back and take her home with you.....

(yes, i got a 2 up seat, and passenger pegs)
The way it was made to look the best, 1 up beautiful, and clean. I have added a few accessories to accent and bring out more of the beauty. Most notably;RuneSki's sidecovers :wink: , a Windvest windshield, accent lighting, an Ultimate seat, a Breakaway throttle control, Rivco caliper covers, and lots of good stuff from Ultimate Machining.
Rich K ( Rune Ski )

My dear colleague "Runeski",
It's quite clear by the number of accessories on your bike and your DIRECT contribution to the modifications of these beauties across the Nation.........and please don't take this the wrong way. but you are going to Hell. I only want you to know, so when you're lying on your death bed, before you accept Jesus Christ as your one and only had damn well better apologize.... the way how much are those shiny cover things, and do you think Tom F. in Sunrise would put 'em on, since I don't own a Screwdriver?
more than happy to

Anything you buy from me i will install it for you. You are not that far from me at all. Give me a call and we'll talk
Dreams can come true.

To the Puritan Reverend SoFlaRes1, “I sewer there is no Heaven and I pray there aren’t no Hell.” :a13: So until that time I pray someone comes up with a rally nice set of custom made Rune mud flaps; preferably sporting a big shinny red reflector smack dab in the of the rear one.

I really need these because yesterday afternoon I found a dead fox along side the road.
One Up

I see it as a one up but need the shield. I hate wind blast and every bike I own or will own will have a shield.
I consider my Cruiser Rocket Rune as a dual purpose scoot:

1: my freedom machine, 1-up!
2: a way to escort ladies around who then cant do anything when I pat their legs while we ride along!

I wear various size packs for my luggage. But, I just bought a tank bag to hold my GPS and radar detector.

I would like an aerodynamic wing that would function as a "trim tab" to balance out the annoying drift/lean to the right. I like to ride no hands,
and to do that, I have to lean my body out to the left to keep the bike running straight.

I have been satisfied with the performance of the Corbin faring, albeit, I would not spend $1k if I could do it over.
ditto what steven said about the windshield. i've tried riding bikes without the shield....tried it on this one the first two weeks i owned it. WAY too much wind and grit and crap for me. of course, the only helmet i will ever wear is a half the only wind protection i'm ever going to have...other than the a pair of sun glasses. no full helmets or three quarter helmets for me. so no face shields for me either.

so the windshield is a MUST. otherwise, there are so many tears in my eyes at hiway speeds ....that i can't even see where i'm going! i came close to crashing several times....before i added that shield.

The windvest JUST DOES BARELY get the job done. just enough to allow me to drive with half helmet...but bike still looks cool. any less, i'd have tears in my eyes again. any more....and it wouldn't look cool (that's why i can't own the Rifle, Memphis shades, etc.....don't like looks of them on bike). If i could ride with a half helmet and no windshield...and look cool...and be able to see, i wouldn't put the shield on. but the windvest is the best compromise :wink:

i'll NEVER own a bike without some kind of shield. just not in the cards for me and my half helmet(s). :twisted:
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I've already met my Maker again back in '63 ( I was born in '46 ) but he sent me back with these words "Son, go forth and show the world what a Rune should look like" I am only doing what I was destined to do. :)
My sidecovers go for $275.00 delivered [email protected]
Rich K ( Rune Ski )
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